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5 Types Of Package-Stopping Accessories For Conveyors

5 Types Of Package-Stopping Accessories For Conveyors

December 22, 2023

Conveyor systems have numerous features depending on the application, such as accumulation, incline/decline, and more. Some conveyor systems also require the feature of stopping the products or packages on the conveyor line without turning off the entire operation. This is where Norpak Handling comes into the picture with its unique turnkey solutions. In this blog, we will explore 5 varieties of package-stopping accessories.

Types Of Package-Stopping Accessories

Dead Type

This type of package stop is best suited for gravity conveyors and conveyor rollers. Simply place them in the bed section of the conveyor to stop the product.

Angle End Stop

These types of stops are located at the end of the conveyor and are mounted to the top flange of the conveyor. Ideal for stopping boxes and cartons, they can be customized for different conveyor widths.

Terminating End Stop

Quite similar to angle end stops, a terminating end stop can be placed on either end of a conveyor. Its mounting configuration too is identical to the aforementioned accessory, the top flange of the conveyor channel. Therefore, companies can choose between these or angle end stops for cartons and boxes.

Raised End Roller Stop

As the name conveys, these types of stops can be placed either along the ends or any other portion of conveyor rollers. Featuring steel brackets, these stops are mounted on the top flange of the conveyor channel. They are more versatile than their aforementioned counterparts.

Foot Operated Stops

In cases where stops are required to be added or removed as per the situation, foot-operated stops are a great choice. Mounted to the underside of the conveyor, they are operated manually by foot to raise or lower the package stop on the conveyor line. 

You can count on us at Norpak to provide you with the best support for your conveyor systems. Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with complete solutions. Contact us today for more in-depth information.

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