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7 Incredible Benefits Of Plastic Chain Conveyors

7 Incredible Benefits Of Plastic Chain Conveyors

March 28, 2024

Among the numerous specialized conveyors available in the market, chain conveyors and plastic conveyors remain popular. An amalgamation of these two is known as a plastic chain conveyor. Typically, such conveyors are a staple in pharmaceutical and food production industries. But what makes them such an important fixture in these sectors? In this blog, Norpak Handling will lay out 7 benefits of plastic chain conveyors which makes them a perfect choice for these industries and much more.

Merits Of Plastic Chain Conveyors


The first noteworthy property is the incredible durability and toughness of these conveyors. The primary reason behind this is its modular design. A plastic chain conveyor comprises a small section attached via pins to make a chain. This modular capability along with the capacity to handle loads as heavy as 200 lbs/linear foot makes them a staple in many sectors.

Easy To Repair

In case the belt does suffer damage, only the damaged section can be removed and replaced with the aforementioned modular design. Therefore, rather than suffering a downtime of hours or days, the plastic chain conveyor can be repaired in minutes.

Easy Belt Tracking And Product Integrity

Plastic chain conveyors employ sprockets in lieu of pulleys, therefore any type of belt tracking problems are avoided altogether. This positive trait snowballs into efficient product integrity on the conveyor. Therefore, problems such as disorientation can be avoided altogether, improving the operational efficiency of the conveyor.

Easy To Clean

Since it is made of plastic, these conveyor machines are very easy to clean, even with water. Their waterproof nature makes them a staple in industries requiring a high degree of sanitation such as the pharmaceutical sector and the food service industry.


Be it installing or modifying the conveyor according to the available space, it is very manageable with plastic chain conveyors. Since they can be installed piece-by-piece, new sections can be added, removed, or modified to suit the unique requirements of the client. This is especially beneficial for businesses where the throughput is highly variable, as the conveyor length or its footprint can be increased or decreased accordingly.

Stable Across Wide Temperatures

Some products require changes in temperatures during transportation. A great example is the curing/drying of food products. Fortunately, with plastic chain conveyors, this is not a hassle, as apart from being resistant to water and corrosion-resistant, they are also resistant across a wide temperature range, from 4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can Be Configured According To Heights And Turns

Even factors such as changes in gradients and curves, which can be a challenge for conventional conveyors, are easily manageable with plastic chain conveyors. The flexible and modular nature of this conveyor machine makes it easy to modify as required.

You can count on us at Norpak to provide you with the best support for your conveyor systems. Offering a wide range of conveyors such as roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, and more, you can rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with complete solutions irrespective of the requirements. Contact us today for more in-depth information.

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