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Announcing 2 New Game-Changing Hytrol Products

Announcing 2 New Game-Changing Hytrol Products

July 22, 2019

Norpak Handling is proud to be offering two new Hytrol conveyor products, the ground-breaking NBEZ and the BZEZ, a new addition to Hytrol’s established line of zero pressure accumulation conveyors.


The NBEZ holds a unique and coveted position as the industry’s first all-electric narrow belt accumulation conveyor.


It employs magnets for the accumulation process instead of traditional pneumatics. This helps reduce costs as air supply and accessories for pneumatics are no longer needed. It also uses less energy than pneumatic models.

In addition, the NBEZ has a back-wrap for its drive pulley, making belt replacement a much more efficient task. This conveyor is also capable of longer conveyor runs for one drive, and has 12 foot channels, a roller set low design with built-in guard rails, and a viewing window that has been built into the channel so operators can easily check on the machine’s belt tension, all without stopping the machine from running.

All of the NBEZ’s innovative new features translates to reduced costs in both operation and installation and less down time, making operations smoother and easier to manage.  It works seamlessly with the Hytrol EZLogic accumulation system. For these reasons, the NBEZ is a real game-changer that is projected to bring massive gains to the industry.

This new product expands the horizons of the material handling industry thanks to Hytrol’s proficiency at pushing the limits of invention, for which they were awarded yet another patent, no. 10,081,492, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


That’s not all – Hytrol has also announced the release of the BZEZ.


This is another zero pressure accumulating conveyor that uses 24VDC motors to power its full width belt, allowing for more conveying surface. The all-electric E24 motors offer quieter operations and helps save on maintenance and energy costs. This conveyor was specially designed to provide better zero pressure accumulation of small products such as letters and poly bags.

Reduced friction and improvements to accumulation mean that the conveyor is well-suited for material handling applications where accumulation of small products or products that would otherwise slip on inclines or declines is needed.

Both conveyors utilize the tried and tested Hytrol EZLogic technology, which senses product presence and controls the accumulation and release of products from different zones.


These two new exciting products spell out new frontiers for the material handling industry.


As part of Hytrol’s exclusive network of Intergration Partners, Norpak is a leading provider of Hytrol products to Canadian businesses as well as to American companies that have or are looking to set up warehouses or facilities north of the border.

With Norpak’s vast experience in the conveying field coupled with its expertise on Hytrol products, we can provide additional services in the realm of installation, project management, and maintenance that will help you maintain and understand your Hytrol products better. Thanks to our range of excellent Hytrol products and customer service, Norpak stands out among the rest as the leading supplier of quality conveyor products in Canada.

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