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Conveyor Accessories: Belt Curves and Spirals

Conveyor Accessories: Belt Curves and Spirals

May 10, 2021

Conveyor systems in large, industrial warehouses and facilities are incredibly complex, involving various accessories and customizations to provide the most efficient and productive conveying capabilities. Belted turns are often required in order to accommodate products that cannot be properly handled on conventional live roller curves.


Flat belt curves and spiral incline or decline turns are required for many different conveyor systems.


These accessories are designed to be able to run at much higher speeds than live roller curves. Norpak Handling gets its belt curves and spirals from Flow-Turn, a global leader in conveyor accessory manufacturing.

Types of belt curves

Flow-Turn engineers and manufactures its products in-house, using the latest machinery and processes and continuously innovating in order to keep up with changing technologies.

There are five types of belt curves available from Norpak Handling:


  • Chain-Turn:

    With belt widths ranging up to ten feet and speeds of up to 600 feet per minute (FPM), this accessory is ideal for use in conveyor systems in airports, clothing factories, distribution centres, food processing plants, and general manufacturing. It utilizes heavy-duty loose-belt technology.
  • Flat-Turn:

     This belt curve type works seamlessly with both large and small items. It is capable of achieving speeds of up to 550 FPM, coming with a variety of belt widths of up to four feet.
  • Square-Turn:

     Square-turns can transport both large and small objects at speeds of up to 600 FPM. It has belt widths that range up to 62 inches.
  • Spiral-Turn: 

    Spiral-Turn curves are capable of elevations of two feet per 90 degrees. They can run at various speeds of up to 600 FPM and have belt widths of up to ten feet.
  • Knife Roll-Turn:

     This type of belt curve is preferred for its smooth operations. It is designed with endless-belt construction and heavy-duty loose-belt technology. Capable of speeds of up to 250 FPM, its belt widths range up to ten feet. It is best used with small products, as well as applications in food processing.

Norpak Handling is proud to partner with global manufacturers to provide the best conveyor system products to our clients in Canada. Contact us today to learn more!

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