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The Efficiency of Gravity Conveying Solutions

The Efficiency of Gravity Conveying Solutions

April 30, 2021

Gravity conveyors are popular for a number of reasons, but they are most known for their low capital cost and energy efficiency. They have no need for power, instead of utilizing the natural power of gravity to offer simple and reliable solutions. Gravity conveyors can be used in assembly and work in progress applications, work stations, and in many distribution environments.



Types of Gravity Conveyors



There are two main types of gravity conveyors, the roller and skatewheel types. Gravity roller conveyors are ideal for permanent and temporary lines. They can be integrated into powered systems to provide a cohesive and large-scale material handling solution. In most cases, only a minimal amount of pitch is needed. Rollers are more suitable for heavier or larger items. Skatewheels are also an efficient option but are better suited if you are transporting smaller, lighter items. As such, they are more ideal for temporary conveyor lines. In general, skatewheels are smaller and much lighter than full-width rollers, which makes it easier for them to rotate.


Gravity conveyors do not only come in straight lines but in curved configurations as well. Guard rails can also be added to curved sections for more stability and product protection. You can also get rollers that are tapered to help maintain product orientation. Around the curve.


A full range of accessories is available for gravity conveyors, which allows various layout configurations to be achieved. Some of the more common accessories are listed below:

  • Spur/merge sections
  • Side guards
  • Floor and hanger supports
  • Caster supports to make sections portable
  • Poo-up stops and brakes
  • End stops


Norpak: One-Stop Shop for Conveying Solutions


Norpak Handling has an inventory and access to all types of conveyors for handling a wide variety of products for various applications. We also supply accessories to help you customize your conveyor solution. Furthermore, we are able to provide different pre-sales and post-sales services to give you a holistic experience. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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