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Product Spotlight: Hytrol Model 199-CRR

Product Spotlight: Hytrol Model 199-CRR

March 03, 2021

For decades, Norpak Handling has been supplying a wide range of conveyor products to businesses all over Canada. Our work was only bolstered when we became an Integration Partner to Hytrol, a leading conveyor solutions manufacturer based in the United States. We have been able to bring Hytrol products to Canada and provide a full course of services to our clients, from installation to maintenance and more. 


We make sure to provide ample choice for our clients. Not all conveyor solutions are the same. 


In today’s blog, we will be talking about the Hytrol Model 199-CRR live roller conveyor, which is the option to go for in environments that are slippery or oily. 



The Model 199-CRR is available in 11 standard widths to match a variety of applications. Its design and features make it optimal to be used in applications where the parts may be oily. Regular live roller conveyors will not be able to function well in such environments, as the oil prevents belts from driving the rollers. On the other hand, the rollers in the 199-CRR are positively driven with chains roll-to-roll and as such will not be affected by the presence of oil. 


Design Features

The rollers in the 199-CRR are positively driven with chains and sprockets located on the ends of the rollers. As such, there is open space beneath the rollers where the conveying surface lies. The function of this is to trap falling particles from machining operations, thus preventing them from getting lodged in components. This feature also makes the 199-CRR ideal for applications involving the handling of used automotive and equipment parts where debris such as dirt or oil are present.


The rollers are constructed of heavy wall tubing located on six or four-inch centres, depending on the material to be handled. Its capacity is up to 150 pounds per foot with supports on 10-foot centres, or 250 pounds per foot with supports on five-foot centres and four-inch roller centres. You can also opt to outfit the conveyor with an underside drive or shaft-mounted drive. 


Norpak is proud to supply this live roller conveyor product and more from Hytrol. Hytrol is one of many high-quality international suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak. To learn more about our products, visit our website or call us today!


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