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Product Spotlight: Model 25-CREZD

Product Spotlight: Model 25-CREZD

February 25, 2021

Norpak Handling has been in the material handling industry for decades, and as such we are privy to the unique needs of the vast variety of industries that operate in Canada. No matter the kind of system you prefer, whether it be incline conveyor or live roller conveyors, there will always be accessories and products you can use to enhance your efficiency. Norpak Handling is proud to supply a plethora of products from different manufacturers, giving our customers abundant choice.


In today’s blog, we will be going over the basics of the Hytrol Model 25-CREZD live roller conveyor.


The Model 25-CREZD is a heavy-duty chain-driven live roller conveyor designed for zero pressure accumulation of a wide variety of products including pallets, drums, and containers. The conveyor accumulates the products in zones, and releases them upon request.


Like most Hytrol products, the Model 25-CREZD features dynamic software that allows for better automation and efficiency. The EZDrive System, developed by Hytrol, as well as the EZLogic Accumulation System, are features that boost the productivity of your conveyor while allowing you to conserve on manual labour. The EZLogic Accumulation System combines utilizes photo-electronic sensors to automatically sort product, benefitting from electronic logic control that nullifies the need for pneumatic logic components. The EZDrive System is simply a shaft-mounted gearmotor located near the centre of each zone, giving the conveyor more power and control.



  • 1,000 pound maximum load per linear foot of conveyor if supports are on five-foot centres.
  • Adjustable HSN-type floor supports available.
  • Maximum unit load of 4,000 pounds per zone with four-inch roller centres and #40 chain. Zones longer than six feet may require additional floor supports.


Businesses in Canada have grown to trust the Hytrol brand, and Norpak is proud to be the leading Canadian conveyor solutions provider to offer these products to our customers. Our team of specialists will work closely with clients to determine the most appropriate solution for their application needs. If it is a live roller conveyor solution that you need, contact Norpak today!

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