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Options for Transportation Live Roller Conveyors

Options for Transportation Live Roller Conveyors

February 11, 2021

Live roller conveyors for quicker transportation and loading of goods is needed in lots of larger scale warehouses and facilities. At Norpak Handling, our decades of experience catering to the material handling industry has helped us understand the need for diverse and versatile solutions. Our ability to provide such solutions is bolstered by our productive partnerships with renowned manufacturers such as Hytrol. 


Here is a brief overview of the transportation live roller conveyor solutions you can find at Norpak:



This series features lineshaft-driven conveyors using spools and drive bands to power its rollers. It is a general transport conveyor with the ability to accumulate products with back pressure. It boasts quiet operation, versatile design, and easy installation and maintenance. 



The E24 series features 24-volt conveyors using a series of pancake motors and drive bands to power the rollers, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains, or line shafts. There are also many accessories available such as curves and spurs, which allow endless options for creating system layouts.



This series has vee belt-driven conveyors. It uses a series of vee belts that are powered under the tread rollers to rotate them. It has a basic design that simplifies adjustments and ease of use. Vee belts occupy much less space than flat belt live rollers models under the rollers allowing easier integration of many accessories such as transfers and diverters.  Additionally this model can be used to provide minimum pressure accumulation if required.



The ABLR series is a horizontal flat belt driven conveyor that uses a flat belt that is powered under the tread rollers to rotate them. They are most suitable for medium to heavy cartons. The NBLR is similar in most respects to the ABLR, except that it has a narrower flat belt. 



The CRR series are chain driven conveyors that use a series of chains that are engaged with sprockets that are welded to each roller. The live roller conveyors in this series are typically medium-duty, and most suitable for use in oily environments due to the use of chains as opposed to belts.


Our advice is to determine first the specific series that works best for you, and then select within that series for the models that fit the specifications you need. Hytrol products have a variety of options, so there is something for everyone. 


Norpak Handling is proud to be able to supply these varied products to our clients, and will continue to provide full services for these products including implementation, maintenance, repairs, parts supply, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our live roller conveyor options!


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