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Conveyor Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry

Conveyor Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry

February 24, 2022

With the rise of e-commerce, cosmetic production companies have had to dramatically increase their warehouse, shipping and manufacturing capabilities. To achieve this, prime conveyor solutions and features are necessary in order to ensure flexibility in processes, allow for high throughputs and sure sanitary practices at all times. 

Like most mass manufacturing industries, the cosmetic industry, which also includes skincare, hair products and other beauty and wellness products, relies heavily on advanced material handling solutions. The top conveyor systems are brought together and fitted with the latest features in order to ensure smooth operations. 
It will not be prudent to provide an industry like the cosmetics industry with a one-size-fits-all kind of generic conveyor solution. The cosmetics industry has unique needs and applications, requiring increased flexibility and the addition of specific features to the conveyor system. 

1. Facilitating End-To-End Manufacturing

Many cosmetics manufacturers undertake end-to-end manufacturing, a process that encompasses the manufacturing of every part of a product without needing to involve third parties for any part of the manufacturing process. Because of this, a cosmetics manufacturing warehouse must be able to achieve an adaptable end-to-end product movement. Multiple conveyor systems have to work together and the proper planning of space is crucial. You will need to carefully select the right kind of conveyors for your applications: one of the key characteristics to bear in mind is to find conveyors that have smooth, closed carrying surfaces to provide the utmost stability for small cosmetic products, preventing them from slipping through or getting lodged in cracks. Your conveyors should also have the smallest possible transfer gaps for the same reason. 

Professional material handling businesses like Norpak Handling will not only carefully design the conveyor systems that will handle all levels of product manufacturing, experienced consultants will also take into account every little detail when planning out your factory floor so that your conveying operations are as smooth and efficient as possible. 

2. Enabling Smooth Sorting And Merging

The proper transportation of fragile and small products like cosmetics does not only rely on selecting the right kind of conveyor. On top of finding a suitable conveyor system, businesses should outfit their systems with all the relevant accessories to automate as many processes as possible. Quick and accurate sortation and merging is key to the handling of cosmetic products. For this, businesses will need to look into various conveyor products such as switches, pushers and sorters. These accessories can automate these normally labour-intensive processes with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring the elimination of human error and preserving the integrity of your products. 

Selecting and implementing all these accessories can be a daunting task. This is why Norpak Handling makes sure to provide full-solution services, meaning we take it upon ourselves to fully understand the ins and outs of your business operation. By becoming completely immersed in your operations, we will be able to recommend and implement the right accessories for your systems everywhere they are needed. 

3. Understanding the Warehouse Layout 

Previously, we briefly alluded to the fact that conveyor systems will not work optimally if they are not arranged and installed in the best possible layout, taking into account the amount and nature of your floor space. In many cases, warehouses will have elevation changes, such as when products or parts have to be transferred between floors. This calls for advanced incline, decline, spiral or vertical conveyors. The proper implementation of these systems will allow warehouses and factories to save valuable space and incorporate more complex systems throughout. 

Deciding on the right kind of conveyor for this purpose can be complicated. For instance, a vertical conveyor may not always be the best choice due to its lower throughput and overall lower levels of efficiency. In the same vein, gravity decline conveyors may not be suitable for fragile products. With that said, the application specialists at Norpak Handling will take into account your budget, priorities and unique needs before recommending a perfectly tailored solution for you. 

4. Allowing for Efficient and Easy Cleaning


Many different industries, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industry, require conveyor solutions that make additional allowances for easy cleanup. In these industries, sanitation is one of the top priorities and failure to meet specific cleanliness standards can spell disaster for a business. A buildup of debris and dirt can not only lead to product contamination, but it can also potentially damage your equipment or lead to workplace incidences. All of this results in costly recalls, repairs and downtime. 

Talk to the experts at Norpak Handling to learn about specific conveyor products that are designed with sanitation in mind. Typically, sanitation-friendly conveyors will have stainless steel bodies and specialty belts that have been designed to meet high standards of sanitation and that make for easier handling and cleaning. In addition, you can acquire specialty accessories such as drip trays to make the cleanup of conveyor belts much quicker and easier. 

All of these special considerations have to be taken when it comes to the cosmetics industry. Indeed, every industry has its own unique needs and niches, and it is up to professionals to figure out how best to cater to these individualized needs. For the best tailor-made conveyor solutions, contact the experts at Norpak Handling. With decades of experience providing complete solutions to businesses across Canada, we make sure that every solution we recommend is unique to the customer and addresses all their needs. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you! 

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