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Product Spotlight: AfterSort TL2 Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader

Product Spotlight: AfterSort TL2 Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader

February 16, 2022

For robust material handling including loading and unloading, the AFTERSORT TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor is the best option on the market. Built for durability and strength, this conveyor is ideal for shipping areas and can withstand collision from heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Ideal for operations that spend a fortune on maintaining truck loaders, the 10-inch structural steel channel framework of this telescopic conveyor has very few moving components, thereby saving years' worth of maintenance expenses.


Here are a few features of the Aftersort Telescoping Conveyor.


  • Solid structural framework featuring 16 gauge galvanized rollers to facilitate easy movement of goods.



  • A collision-resistant frame that can bear hits from forklifts, trailer walls and other obstacles in the area.



  • Floor mounted guide racks to facilitate easy navigation.
  • A bumper bar at the discharge end to bolster safety with an auto-reverse feature.
  • To avoid the dislocation of cartons, the conveyor also features side guards.
  • Recess mounted control switches to avoid damage.



  • Dedicated power and interlock feed spanning from the conveyor to the festoon.

The AFTERSORT TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor can also be customized in multiple ways to suit a particular operation. With multiple length and width variations, light and fan kits, herringbone transition and even an option for upstream control, the telescopic conveyor is truly a versatile product that is designed to improve efficiency and drive down maintenance.

Apart from the above-mentioned salient features, this versatile truck loader also showcases these standard features:


  • 1.5 HP drive motor and gearbox
  • Functions at the standard 480 VAC 3 phase power input
  • Operates at an elevation of 54 inches and 26 inches at the infeed and discharge end respectively
  • Equipped with 18-inch solid rubber tires for maximum support

For further inquiries about this highly efficient machine, call Norpak Handling today and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you for a consultation. We offer installation, servicing, technical support, routine maintenance and operator training for AFTERSORT TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor.

At Norpak Handling, we supply various conveying solutions ranging from general conveyors to floor rollers to help you implement holistic material handling operations at your facility. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and services.

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