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Conveyor Systems 101: What Is a Systems Integrator?

Conveyor Systems 101: What Is a Systems Integrator?

October 22, 2021

At Norpak Handling, we pride ourselves on being a material handling systems integrator. What does that mean? That means we do not just sell conveyor products; we provide clients with full solutions for their operations, starting with an extensive consultation process and continuing on to provide crucial after-sales services.

In our eyes, it is not enough to just supply conveyors to businesses. A proper warehouse or facility setup usually consists of a number of different conveyor types, all utilizing various accessories that add specific functionalities to the conveyors. In fact, it is best to see each business’ conveyor systems as their own custom material handling solution. No two business’ conveyor systems should be interchangeable with one another.

This is why Norpak Handling strives to provide a full suite of services for purchasers of our conveyors.

Here are key questions that qualified system integrators address when assessing your material handling needs:

  1. What are the end-results the client is looking for?
  2. What are the schedule requirements?
  3. What are all the key operations that have to be catered to? For example: sortation, accumulation, diverts, tracking and more.
  4. Which different conveyor types will best fit the client’s specific needs?
  5. What are the kind of products that the client’s facility is handling?
  6. What is the warehouse or facility layout? Are there space constraints or multiple floors?
  7. What should the layout of the conveyor system itself be?
  8. What are the additional accessories that the conveyor system can benefit from, such as side guards, package stops and more?
  9. What is the level of automation that the client desires?
  10. Which electrical and pneumatic services are available and what are the requirements?
  11. How can we tie all of these different parts together to create one seamless system?

When addressing these requirements, conveyor solutions suppliers such as Norpak Handling have to have access to the best conveyor products and accessories in order to make sure the systems integration process is successful. This is why Norpak only partners with the best manufacturers and world-renowned industry leaders such as Hytrol, FMH Conveyors and more.

At Norpak Handling, every client gets a project manager whose responsibility is to fully understand your business and its needs. With their expertise on hand, they are present throughout the entire lifespan of your business. Even if drastic changes are needed to your conveyor systems, they will be there to ensure a smooth transition.

For the best conveyor systems integration, get in touch with the experts at Norpak Handling today. With decades of experience supplying Canada’s businesses with full material handling solutions, we pledge to always bring our best and put your needs first. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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