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EZLogic Control for Industrial Conveyors – Intelligence Without PLCs

EZLogic Control for Industrial Conveyors – Intelligence Without PLCs

August 21, 2017

Electronic Zero-pressure Logic (EZLogic®) is a method to control zero-pressure accumulation in industrial conveyors developed by Hytrol Conveyor Company that combines the sensing accuracy of photo-electrics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components. It is specifically designed for use on a wide range of industrial conveyor types handling products from individual cartons to pallet loads of product.

Brief Introduction to EZLogic in Industrial Conveyor Systems

The heart of the EZLogic Accumulation System is the EZLogic zone controller. This is a compact control device combining a photoelectric sensor to detect when a product enters its field, a microprocessor to evaluate various input signals, and control connections to provide communication of data between zones as well as to and from outside sources.

EZLogic Functionality

EZLogic has revolutionized industrial conveyor accumulation systems. It offers two modes of operation to provide both singulation — a zone-length gap between products while travelling down the conveyor — as well as slug release where higher carton throughput can be achieved by minimizing gaps between adjacent cases.

However, EZLogic provides more than just accumulation modes. It has a built in “Sleep” feature that can be used to stop a zone if a product is not detected for a selectable time period. This helps to reduce roller wear and system noise. For workstations along a conveyor path, EZLogic can be combined with a push button station to provide an “Indexing Stop Zone”. Another feature of EZLogic is “Jam Protection” during operation in slug release mode. If a product is sensed by any EZLogic controller for six seconds or longer, a signal is sent to upstream zones to begin accumulation of on-coming goods. When the jam clears, the conveyor will automatically revert to normal operation.

Types of Photoelectric Sensing Available in the EZLogic®

  1. Retroreflective:

    This method detects products on the industrial conveyor by utilizing a reflector that “looks” across the width of the conveyor at a given position to detect all sizes of product passing through the space at a given time. This functions by emitting a beam across the width which is bounced back by the reflector and picked up by the receiver. Interruption of the beam by a product causes activation of the receiver.
  2. Diffused:

    Also known as a proximity-sensing arrangement, the photoelectric beam uses the product as a reflector. Conversely to the retroreflective sensing system, the diffused type prompts a signal when the transmitted radiation is detected by the receiver.

Norpak Handling has installed many EZLogic Accumulation Systems. It offers expanded control options, is easy to configure and greatly simplifies field wiring leading to reduced installation costs. The end result is a more efficient, reliable, and durable solution that significantly improves conveyor operations.   

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