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How Is Induction Useful In Conveyor Belt Sortation?

How Is Induction Useful In Conveyor Belt Sortation?

February 10, 2023

Sorting unit loads is an integral aspect of many conveyor systems. It improves the distribution and improves the overall throughput of a given facility. However, apart from sortation, there is another crucial aspect to the process, known as induction. Induction is part of a conveyor system which makes it easier to carry out the sortation process. In this blog, its definition, basic working, benefits and factors will be examined. 


What is an induction conveyor?


Essentially, an induction conveyor is a mechanism that allows consequent loads to be scanned and sorted effectively without impacting the accuracy or throughput of the conveyor system. 

Working mechanism of an induction conveyor

In essence, the induction system has two or more conveying surfaces which are operating at different speeds relative to one another. Apart from controlling the speeds for each surface individually, at least one of the surfaces also has a sensor of some variety that can sense the location of the unit load. Therefore, by sensing the location of the loads, the surface speeds can be accelerated or decelerated to ensure accurate scanning and sortation of each package. In this manner, an induction system can be integrated into a sortation conveyor to deliver maximum throughput and the best results.

Benefits of using an induction conveyor

Here are some key features/benefits of using this technology:

Can operate on most products:

Irrespective of dimensions, most induction systems can work optimally for unit loads, as long as they are confined to a box or a pallet.

The gapping can be adjusted:

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of the system. Depending on the loads and the level of scanning, the gaps between consequent packages can be altered, making it a convenient process.

Factors to consider when opting for a gapping/induction conveyor

Before selecting an induction system for a particular process, the following factors need to be carefully examined:

  • The dimensions, contour and weight of the objects being conveyed.
  • The spatial constraints in a given facility.
  • The optimal gap or distance between two consecutive packages.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, businesses can be sure to find the best gapping/induction conveyor for their specific needs.

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