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What Is A Nose-Over Bracket In A Conveyor And Its Advantages?

What Is A Nose-Over Bracket In A Conveyor And Its Advantages?

February 06, 2023

In businesses and warehouses requiring an efficient transfer of goods over long distances, conveyor systems are ideal. They can be handled by gravity or run by a motor, making them completely automated. However, product handling and damage remain a major concern in many conveyor belt systems, especially if there is a gradient shift. To mitigate this issue, a nose-over bracket is used. Its definition, merits and applications will be examined in this blog. 


Nose-over brackets in conveyor systems


What is a nose-over bracket?

A nose-over bracket, also called a cantilever bracket, is a support structure that helps to keep a conveyor belt in place. The bracket extends over the top of the conveyor belt and supports it from below, preventing the belt from sagging or slipping off. Apart from this, it also bridges the gap between two subsequent sections of a conveyor belt or roller. As a result, they find major uses in incline and decline conveyor systems, where there is a maximum chance of product damage as it goes from an incline to a horizontal plane.

Benefits of nose-over brackets

There are many benefits of nose-over brackets in a conveyor. 

- They can help to improve the efficiency of the conveyor system. By evenly distributing the weight of the belt, they allow for a more even flow of material across the surface of the belt. This can help to reduce jams and bottlenecks.

- Nose-over brackets can also help to improve safety by ensuring that the weight of the belt is evenly distributed, thereby helping to prevent accidental slippage or breakage. This can ultimately create a safer working environment for employees and reduce the risk of injuries.


Applications of nose-over brackets

The following industries regularly use nose-over brackets in their conveyor systems:

Warehousing and distribution:

It facilitates easy movement of parts at a high volume and guarantees no damage

Food and beverage:

Handling delicate food products can become easier with nose-over brackets, ensuring smooth transfer across gradients

Aerospace and Automotive sector:

These sectors use delicate parts in their assembly lines, which requires their safe delivery across distances.

To know more about nose-over brackets and how they can contribute to the effective functioning of a conveyor system, reach out to us at Norpak Handling. We have been providing businesses throughout Canada with top-of-the-line general conveyors and equipment for decades. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can craft highly customized material-handling solutions specific to your requirements.

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