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Hytrol’s NBEZ: All the Benefits of this New Conveyor that You Should Know

Hytrol’s NBEZ: All the Benefits of this New Conveyor that You Should Know

August 01, 2019

Norpak recently announced a new Hytrol product: the powerful and ground-breaking NBEZ. As the industry’s first all-electric narrow belt accumulation conveyor, the NBEZ is projected to change the game for material handling solutions everywhere.

Not only does the NBEZ feature an astounding amount of new technology and innovations that soundly place it at the top of the hierarchy, it continues to shine in the areas of cost-savings, maintenance, and operation thanks to its user-centric design.


Cost-Saving Benefits


You can expect easier and cheaper operations thanks to the fact that pneumatics are not needed. Your facility will not need an air supply, and the conveyor system will not need any of the accessories or machinery that are required by pneumatic operations such as air regulators, air lines, or air compressors. This also results in reduced energy usage.

In addition, the NBEZ conveyor supports longer runs and has longer sections, which means cost savings and higher productivity. With Hytrol’s patented EZLogic incorporated into the NBEZ, you also do not need to purchase any logic controllers to manage the accumulation.

The NBEZ’s rollers set low design brings great benefits as well: with a built-in guardrail and pre-installed accumulation kit, the conveyor ships factory ready, reducing installation and assembly costs.


Maintenance Redefined


The NBEZ’s mission to save costs would not be complete without tackling the issue of maintenance. The NBEZ has been engineered to ensure that there is far less hassle associated with maintenance.

The drive and brake modules of the NBEZ are plug-and-go modules, meaning they easily snap into place and do not require any screwing or bolting. On top of that, magnets are used to help start and stop the conveyor instead of pneumatic cylinders or air pucks, which require a lot more maintenance. Fewer parts to maintain means lesser downtime!

Last but not least, the NBEZ has a wider belt, which means it does not have to pull as much belt as a full belt conveyor does, thus reducing wear and tear.


Smooth Operations


The NBEZ conveyor is a wonder to operate – prioritising convenience and efficiency for its users. Its rollers set low design improves handling and sensing, getting rid of the potential for delayed operations and potential mistakes in the conveying of the products.

Another ingenious way the NBEZ improves operations is through its tension indicator, which can be viewed from the channel of the NBEZ through a clear window. The spring take-up indicator will show whether the belt is loose or too tight, and you no longer have to stop operations and remove rollers to check on the belt. Additionally, the NBEZ comes with an innovative back belt wrap that does not loop around the pulley, which means you do not need to remove the pulley to replace the belt, saving time.

Furthermore, the NBEZ’s accumulation zone length can be easily adjusted. This is a process that does not require the use of tools, allowing operations to chug on uninterrupted.


Everything about the new Hytrol NBEZ is game-changing, being a marvel of technology but still incredibly user-friendly.


Norpak Handling is a conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, and a leading Hytrol Integration Partner, serving Canada from coast to coast from our offices in Toronto (Port Hope, ON) and Vancouver (Delta, BC) and affiliates in Calgary, Montreal and Halifax. We specialize in case, carton, package, skid, pallet and drum handling conveyors and systems utilizing industry leading transportation, accumulation and sortation equipment.  We provide conveyors from our stockyard to your door in a matter of days, or we can provide a complete project integration service including, system engineering, controls and programming, project management and installation.  We follow all of this up with superior after sale service and start up support.

Norpak is now able to supply the new NBEZ model as part of any new conveyor system, or as a stand alone conveyor, to our clients that are looking to improve their productivity taking advantage of its numerous features and benefits.  Norpak’s experienced Project Coordinators and Applications specialists are available to turn your concept into reality using this new technology!

Very informative - looking forward to trying the new NBEZ!
Posted by: Jason | August 20, 2019, 9:33 am
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