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Introducing the Intralox ARB Aligner In Action In Our Shop!

Introducing the Intralox ARB Aligner In Action In Our Shop!

October 08, 2019

We recently experienced the joy of installing and running a new case aligner in our shop – the Intralox ARB belt. This belt conveyor has been put into place to direct all incoming cases to one side – left, as seen in our video– before they enter a palletizing machine.


With a system like this, it is important to integrate it without causing hang ups. We’ve done just that – a heavy duty bead rail has been put into place along the side the cases are being directed to so as to prevent such hang ups from occurring during their travel.


Let’s take a dive into the engineering behind Intralox’s alignment conveyor that makes this all possible:


What Does ARB mean?

The ‘ARB’ part of the Intralox aligner isn’t just fancy marketing jargon, it stands for ‘Activated Roller Belt™’ and is a patented conveyance solution from Intralox. What is does is simple, yet ingenious:


  • Increases throughput
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Reduces hazards due to encasement of moving parts
  • 40% smaller footprint compared to traditional roller technologies
  • Precise and consistent spacing between products


These milestones have allowed for the more than 5,000 ARB installations to take advantage of the increased functionality and reduced costs for manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.


Learn more about the ARB technology powering the Intralox alignment conveyor and how it is radicalising downstream processes for package preparation.


How Does An ARB Aligner Work?

Rather than resting on a belt surface seen on a typical belt conveyor, an ARB conveyor makes it so that the product rests on free-spinning angled rollers that protrude above and below the surface of the belt. These rollers – embedded in the belt conveyor - are angled in relation to the direction that the belt is travelling, meaning the rollers that are triggered by the conveying surface below can move products with respect to the direction of the roller orientation as opposed to the direction of the belt.


The capacity for ARB conveyors to be selective in the products they convey allow for items to independently change direction, alignment, location, and speed without the need for complicated controls or rail installations, simplifying the entire process.


A Belt Conveyor for All Situations…

Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management.


As suppliers of Intralox equipment, you can look forward to coupling their world-class engineering with our professional installation services. Reach out to our team to get the most out of your material handling solutions!



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