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The Hytrol Model PCX: A Masterclass in Utility

The Hytrol Model PCX: A Masterclass in Utility

September 18, 2019

The Hytrol Model PCX low profile portable parts belt conveyor is one of the most adaptable and widely useful conveyors in the market today. It is considered a must-have machine in many facilities thanks to its ability to enhance operational efficiency and bring great value to plants and factories in all kinds of industries.

The purpose of this belt conveyor is to catch small items, including steel, plastic, and aluminum components, from where it is positioned under an extruding machine or press during the machine cycle. It then conveys them up into a hopper or bin. It is portable and can be easily moved out from under the machine for cleaning, maintenance, or to be used elsewhere. 


This belt conveyor can come in different sizes and measurements to suit different applications and conveyor systems.


Over the years, Norpak Handling has sold many of these conveyors at different sizes to customers in different industries. Indeed, this is one of the more popular conveyor types thanks to its versatility and utility.

The Model PCX is shipped completely assembled, which means all you have to do is adjust its supports to give the conveyor its desired height. Before shipping, the Model PCX is tested at the factory to ensure it is running smoothly. This also means that the belt is already tracked, so you need not worry about extra steps. In addition, the Model PCX’s drive and tail pulleys have sealed ball bearings that are greased for life.

There is also a way you can make use of the conveyor belt’s maximum load capacity of 100 lbs, by maintaining adequate tension throughout usage so that the drive pulley will not slip under the belt when carrying a full load.


The Model PCX and Hytrol engineering is all about convenience and efficiency.


Norpak distribution and delivery enhances all that. Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management.

Check out the Hytrol Model PCX belt conveyor in action in our video below:

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