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Pallet Conveying Solutions from Hytrol

Pallet Conveying Solutions from Hytrol

December 17, 2020

For years, Norpak Handling has been a proud Integration Partner with Hytrol Conveyor Company, a renowned manufacturer of conveyor solutions.


In today’s blog, we will be highlighting two of their pallet conveyors, the DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82. They are both drag chain conveyors made to work best with pallets, making them a suitable pallet conveying solution.


Product Description

Both the Hytrol DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82, which is a larger version of the former product, are two-strand chain conveyors. Like most Hytrol conveyor products, they utilize EZLogic Zone Controllers technology, which helps them accumulate pallets with zero pressure, thus reducing the chances of product damage and collision. If you are looking for a three-strand solution, there are the DCEZ-63 and DCEZ-83 pallet conveyors as well.

The conveyors come with the Hytrol-developed EZLogic Accumulation System and EZDrive System. These technologies come with features that allow the conveyors to sense product presence. The conveyors can then automatically start and stop zone drives to control the accumulation and release of the product zones. This means less manual labour needed.

Here are some other important features:

  • Zone Stop Function: A dry contact switching device can be connected to the EZLogic Zone Controller’s auxiliary port to transform any zone into a workstation.
  • Dynamic Zone Allocation: This feature allows for automated adjusting of zone length to accommodate product length. This improves efficiency and flexibility.
  • Sleep Feature: This feature can automatically stops chains from running when no product is sensed, thus saving energy and extending chain life.
  • Loading Zone Feature: This can prevent upstream-zone loads from entering loading areas.
  • Zone on Delay: This is an unloading zone feature that utilizes a timer to delay upstream zones immediately from removed loads, keeping them from driving for a certain duration.

Additional Specifications:

  • Five-foot accumulation zones
  • Single-pitch conveyor chains
  • Pre-lubricated and self-aligning ball bearings
  • Hardened drive sprockets
  • Maximum load weight of 4,000 lbs. per zone at 30 feet per minute

Extra Options:

  • Adjustable floor supports
  • Different conveying speeds
  • Accumulation zones of 48, 54, or 66”

Hytrol understands that pallet conveyors need to be versatile and well-automated. The DCEZ products have been carefully designed to take these factors into consideration. For more information on the products we offer, please check out our website!

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