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Pallet Conveyor Options from Norpak Handling

Pallet Conveyor Options from Norpak Handling

December 04, 2020

Pallet conveyors are needed for facilities that have to transport pallets in and out of their warehouses.


Good conveyors ensure stability and come with a variety of optional accessories and customization options to allow more flexibility and custom specifications for your specific needs.


At Norpak Handling, we provide various types of pallet conveyors that are ideal for transporting various size pallet or container loads, or many large, bulky products. There are three common types of this conveyor, each with their own benefits and ideal uses.

Here are the pallet conveyor systems you can get:

  • Gravity roller conveyor:

    This type of conveyor is not powered, and as such must be slightly pitched to utilize gravity to convey the loads. Slopes range from a fraction of an inch, to one inch per foot determined by the load weight and pallet construction.

  • Chain-driven live roller conveyor:

    This conveyor type is most ideal for the heaviest products, such as drums, tires, or fully-loaded pallets. They are made with the sturdiest materials to ensure durability and the ability to withstand tough working environments. For customization, clients can modify the conveyor’s length, width, and the spaces between the rollers. The pallet orientation and bottom board configuration is reviewed to ensure the suitability of handling the specified load on this conveyor. Typically, the bottom boards of the pallet must be running in the direction of pallet flow. If that cannot be achieved, see our drag chain alternative below.

  • Drag chain conveyor:

    This conveyor is recommended when the bottom boards of the pallet are running across the conveyor, unlike the option above. It is also known as a multi-strand conveyor, due to its using parallel strands of roller chains to transport items. The chains are supported by rails, allowing products to sit securely on top. This conveyor type is best used for applications that require minimal starting and stopping.

Hytrol EZLogic technology can serve as a great boon to these conveyors, specifically for the chain-driver and drag chain options. This technology increases accumulation abilities and provides more control over zones. Operators can easily create zone-length gaps between items and slug releases, making higher carton throughput possible. Additional accessories include turntables and transfer modules or plates. Turntables can help rotate unit loads when lines intersect or the direction changes, and transfer modules or plates are ideal for moving items between lines.

These pallet conveyor solutions and more are available through Norpak, and you can check out our website for more information on our inventory.


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