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Product Spotlight: Hytrol DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82

Product Spotlight: Hytrol DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82

January 19, 2021

Pallet conveyors are an important component of material handling solutions in many different facilities and warehouses. As a proud Hytrol Conveyor Company Integration Partner, we supply a variety of Hytrol products, including pallet conveyors and accessories. 

In today’s blog, we will be going over the specifications of two Hytrol products, the DCEZ-62 and DCEZ-82, both of which are drag chain conveyors that handle pallets. 



The DCEZ-62 and the DCEZ-82 are two-strand roller conveyors. The only difference between these two models is the size of the chain strands—the DCEZ-62 uses C2060 chains and sprockets while the DCEZ-82 uses C2080 chains and sprockets. The minimum elevation for the DCEZ-61 is 12” and 14” for the DCEZ-82. 


Like most Hytrol accumulation products, they utilize the EZLogic Zone Controllers to accumulate pallets with zero pressure. This helps to reduce the chances of product collision, making the DCEZ series suitable for conveying systems of high speeds and also for more fragile or unstable products. The EZLogic Accumulation System and the EZDrive System allows the conveyor to sense product presence and start and stop zone drives, automating the control of accumulation and release without the use of pneumatic logic components. This reduces manual labour and human error, providing a foolproof solution for busy warehouses.


Both conveyors in the series are capable of carrying a maximum of 12,000 pounds maximum at 30 feet per minute. This makes both products suitable as pallet conveyors which can be used in most types of facilities and with most types of products.


More features

  • Zone stop function: this feature is built-in, allowing any zone to be transformed into a workstation by connecting a dry contact switching device to the auxiliary port of the EZLogic Zone Controller. This feature is used at the discharge end of the conveyor line, but can also be used at any other location where a zone stop is required.  

  • Dynamic zone allocation: this feature automatically adjusts the conveyor’s zone length to accommodate the length of the product being conveyed. 

  • Unloading zone feature – zone on delay: this feature utilizes a timer to delay the zone immediately upstream from a removed load, stopping it from driving for a set time. This feature is perfect for applications where loads are routinely removed from the conveyor with a lift truck. 

  • Loading zone feature: this feature allows a zone to detect loads being placed onto the conveyor with a fork truck. It then stops the zone from driving and automatically prevents any zones upstream from entering the loading area.



The DCEZ series of conveyors are designed to help you make the best use of automated features. Furthermore, like all Hytrol products, they are optimized for durability and efficiency. Both models have a modular assembly and both are available with shaft-mounted drives. Here are some key design features to take note of:

  • 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60’, and 66” long intermediate sections for the accumulation zones

  • UHMW polyethylene chain guides

  • Pre-lubricated, sealed, and self-aligning ball bearings on the drives

  • Hardened drive sprockets

  • Conveying speed of 35 FPM

  • Powder painted formed steel angle frames with chain support tubes and formed coupling channels located at the infeed and discharge ends of each module

  • Single pitch conveyor chains


Extra options

  • Adjustable floor supports

  • Closed tail

  • Energy efficient motors


Other similar pallet conveyor products of note are the DC-63 and DC-83—they have similar features, except they have three strands of chains instead of two. They are more suitable for use when the load being handled needs support in the center. 


For more information on this product and other pallet conveyors, contact us today!


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