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Product Spotlight: Hytrol FX 200 Flexible Conveyor

Product Spotlight: Hytrol FX 200 Flexible Conveyor

January 08, 2021

Flexible conveyors are needed in many different types of facilities or warehouses. Their ability to curve allows operators to change discharge points, thus making them popular to be used at shipping docks or as connectors between the end of a conveyor line and truck trailers. At Norpak Handling, we make sure to carry the most functional flexible conveyors to cater to diverse needs


Today, let us highlight some of the specifications of the Hytrol FX 200 heavy-duty, flexible, and expandable skate wheel conveyor:



The Model FX 200 flexible conveyor is designed to be best suited for trailer loading and unloading applications. It boasts great durability and flexibility, being ideal for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines. It is built to be incredibly strong, with channel steel spanning the entire conveyor width. This conveyor also comes with 1-¼-inch side plates that are made of aluminum alloy. Their ribbed construction gives them added durability.


The conveyor has casters with brakes, giving it even more versatility and mobility. It can be easily moved or extended according to the operator’s needs. 


Additional Options and Details

The FX 200 is available in widths of 18 and 24 inches and lengths of 12 and 24 feet. It has a maximum capacity of 200 pounds per linear foot. The wheels are 1.9 inches in diameter, with a ¼-inch bore. Other widths and lengths are available if required.


Additional options include leg connect brackets to lock two or more units together, thus giving operators the ability to extend the conveyor length even further. To help you save floor space, this conveyor also easily folds down when it is not in use.


The FX 200 flexible conveyor is just one of many Hytrol products that Norpak Handling supplies in Canada. Norpak Handling is a leading Integration Partner of Hytrol, supplying top-of-the-line conveyor products and accessories from Hytrol to all of Canada. 

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