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Product Spotlight: Hytrol ProSort 400 Series

Product Spotlight: Hytrol ProSort 400 Series

December 30, 2020

At Norpak Handling, we provide a wide variety of conveyor products, including options for material handling equipment such as sorters. Hytrol Conveyor Company is one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor solutions, with all kinds of accessories for your applications. Today, this blog will go over one of Hytrol’s innovative solutions, the ProSort 400 series of sortation devices. For many warehouses and production facilities, speed is a crucial factor in order to ensure productivity.


The Hytrol ProSort 400 products can deliver exceptional speed, promising quick operations, all while maintaining gentle diversion, thus preventing damage to your products.


The four products in the series are the ProSort 421, 422, 431, and 432. The first two sort products at a 22-degree angle. They are best suited for applications that require high speed but not close divert centres. The 431 and 432, on the other hand, sort products at a 30-degree angle and have close divert centres. 


How They Work:

The ProSort 400 series utilizes anodized aluminum slats. Their divert shoes are situated on predetermined spots, moving diagonally across the conveyor to move products into a takeaway line. There are five widths available for all products in the series, as well as right- or left-hand diverts.


You can adjust the conveying speed of the ProSort 421 and 431 sorters based on your application requirements. In addition to the left- and right-hand diverts, the ProSort 422 and 432 are also available with dual diverts.


While these products have clear differences among them, also have a number of similarities: 

  • intermediate, tail, and drive/catenary bed;

  • carrying chain;

  • chain lubricator;

  • switch assembly;

  • high-speed, 24-volt, DC single solenoid four-way air valve;

  • air filter;

  • air-pressure switch;

  • variable speed controller;

  • maximum 50-pound load capacity.

You can also add on optional features, such as:

  • MHS-type floor supports with knee braces

  • Flight tubes

  • ProSort Logix control package

  • Guard rails for the 421 and 431

These products are a must-have for any facility that requires high-speed sortation for their conveyors. You can rest easy knowing your products will be secure, while still attaining your operation goals. Contact us today for more information!


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