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Product Spotlight: MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor

Product Spotlight: MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor

August 12, 2020

The MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor is one of the finest solutions for loading and unloading applications. The MaxxReach is designed to optimize for productivity, working best with large volumes on both the shipping and receiving ends. This product is perfect for large warehouses that require more efficient automation of the loading and unloading operations.


While the MaxxReach is designed to be able to convey all kinds of products, no matter small or large cartons or loose items, the exact width and length of the conveyor you opt for will depend on your applications.


There are a host of other features that come with the MaxxReach, meant to further boost the efficiency of this process.


These features include:


  • VFD-controlled belt drive system: the design of this belt is meant to smoothen transitions from belt starts and stops. The belt speeds are variable up to 120 FPM.
  • VFD-controlled extension drives: this is meant to help smoothen the controls and mechanism of extending and retracting the conveyor.
  • Operator controls: this gives the operator more oversight over functions such as in/out, /start/stop, e-stop, lighting, ESB, and debris trays


As you can see, much of the design features are meant to further boost the automated capabilities of the MaxxReach while still giving operators the control they need over the process. There are also even more optional features available to help you further customize the way you work with this product, such including variable belt speeds with VFD controls.


On top of these control and automation-focused features, the all-steel constructed MaxxReach has these standard features:


  • Load capacity of 50 lbs/ft
  • A maximum live load of 4000 lbs
  • 1HP gear motor for extension with friction clutch
  • Emergency stops at control panels
  • Extension stop bars for the final stage


And more! Indeed, the MaxxReach is designed to be user-friendly and versatile, allowing it to work with all sorts of packages and products while continuing to boost convenience for workers on site. For more information on the MaxxReach, please visit our website.

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