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Role Of Package Stops In A Conveyor

Role Of Package Stops In A Conveyor

May 28, 2024

Conveyors are a versatile solution to material handling. Depending on the application, a wide variety of conveyors can be employed to get optimal results. Many conveyors also require a whole host of accessories to perform their tasks perfectly. In a package conveyor, that is, a conveyor system used to transport and deliver packages, a package stop is one such accessory. In this blog, Norpak Handling will explore package stops, their importance in material handling, and an excellent package stop product offered by the company.

What Is A Package Stop?

The primary role of a package stop, as the name suggests, is to stop a certain package from moving on the conveyor. It is essential in package conveyors due to the following reasons:

- Package stops aid in collecting and holding various items on the conveyor.
- They can also be used to redirect a package within the conveyor system.
- In cases, where a box or carton might fall off the conveyor, these stops help prevent such mishaps.

Angle End Stop

An angle end stop is a highly specialized package stop that is offered by Norpak Handling, in conjunction with Hytrol Inc. It is primarily mounted at the end of a conveyor. The main application is to stop boxes, cartons, and similar light loads from falling off the conveyor or accumulating in a certain zone. They are typically mounted on the top flange of the conveyor channel with the help of bolts. These package stops are available in most standard conveyor widths, making them an integral part of material handling operations and distribution centers.

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