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Spiral Conveyors: Working Mechanism And Benefits

Spiral Conveyors: Working Mechanism And Benefits

July 18, 2023

Material handling solutions can be quite varied in design and functionality, especially conveyors. Apart from general conveyors, some are specialized ones that are designed to handle sharp turns, while others are made to safely sort and segregate loads. One such specialty conveyor is known as a spiral conveyor. It’s working and some major benefits will be listed in the blog below.

What Is A Spiral Conveyor?

As the name suggests, a spiral conveyor is a form of vertical conveyor system that can transport materials across various heights and gradients. They are particularly designed to have a gentle incline, which gradually spirals up until the product reaches the desired destination. There are primarily two varieties of spiral conveyors, one is a form of screw conveyor for handling bulk materials, and the other is a slat or belt conveyor for transporting unit loads like boxes. 

Benefits Of Spiral Conveyors

Smaller Footprint

Due to its vertical design, the spiral conveyor can transport products safely and efficiently without taking up a lot of floor space. Other comparable systems like incline conveyors can take up a lot of space, provided the incline is gentle. 

Easily Adaptable

A spiral conveyor has limited moving parts, making it easy to adjust its height or settings according to operations. Therefore, downtime is significantly reduced between subsequent tasks.

Faster Than Case Lifts

These conveyors are often compared to case lifts due to the plane of motion. Case lifts too can vertically transport any type of load with ease. However, when it comes to efficiency, it is no match for spiral conveyors. These lifts can take up time between each load, whereas spiral conveyors can maintain a steady operation at high speeds without compromising the products.

Therefore, offering easy adaptability, safe material transportation and unparalleled efficiency, spiral conveyors are highly compatible with many industries such as cosmetics, beverage, parcel distribution and more. 

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