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3 Main Types Of Gravity Conveyors

3 Main Types Of Gravity Conveyors

October 25, 2023

When it comes to conveying solutions, gravity conveyors emerge as the simplest and most efficient of the lot. Requiring little to no external stimulus, they can transport heavy loads with only gravitational assistance. However, not all gravity conveyors are the same in design and application. In this blog, Norpak Handling will explore major types of gravity conveyors and when it is best suited to use one over the other.

Types Of Gravity Conveyors

Roller Gravity Conveyors

Perhaps the simplest of all gravity conveyors, they employ a series of rollers that are spaced equidistantly from each other. They can laid out in a completely horizontal configuration, or at a decline to transport materials from one spot to another. Furthermore, the conveyor rollers are sturdy enough to handle heavy loads, making them even more effective.

Skatewheel Gravity Conveyors

As the name suggests, these conveyors comprise skate wheels which are much smaller and narrower than conveyor rollers. This allows them to rotate easily, offering a push to the unit loads and aiding in their transportation. Each individual shaft has multiple skatewheels, with the shafts spaced equidistantly apart from each other. However, they are mostly suited for only lighter loads, and as such are a perfect fit for temporary conveyor lines.

Chute Gravity Conveyor

Chutes conveyors feature a straight or curved slide-like structure which is used to transport products across different levels. These are specialized gravity conveyors designed to prevent blockages on the conveyor line. Furthermore, they can be used to transport loose or oddly spaced products.

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