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What Is A V-Belt Conveyor And When Should It Be Used?

What Is A V-Belt Conveyor And When Should It Be Used?

October 19, 2023

There are many varieties of conveyors used for different applications. It can use a conveyor roller, a conveyor belt, a chain, or something more specialized. Another feature often applied is the v-belt. What is the v-belt conveyor and when it is best suited to use them? This blog aims to explore these questions in detail.


What Is A V-Belt Conveyor?

V-belt conveyor employs a trapezoidal, v-shaped belt which is more tapered on one end than the other. This design feature allows the belt to fit easily into the frame or the sheaves, therefore offering more area of contact and increasing the traction of the belt. 

When To Consider V-Belt Conveyors?

Opt for v-belt conveyors if an operation requires:

Compactness: The area of operation of the conveyor is limited, requiring a powerful yet compact conveyor system. This is possible with a v-belt due to the limited distance between the center of the pulleys.

No Slippage: If belt slippage is a major concern and can cause major downtime, it is best to go for v-belts, as the slippage between the belt and the pulley is very minimal at worst.

Longer Lifespan: V-belts can increase the lifespan of the conveyor system by 3 to 5 years. This is because of the design of the belt, which has no additional joints.

Easy Installation And Quiet Operation: V-belts are quite convenient to install or remove. Moreover, the belt and pulley operation is smooth and quiet.

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