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Tech Overview: What is Hytrol’s EZLogic® Conveyor Software?

Tech Overview: What is Hytrol’s EZLogic® Conveyor Software?

November 08, 2021

If you have browsed the inventory of conveyors on Norpak Handling’s website, you may have noticed that many of them come with Hytrol EZLogic technology. Hytrol is a conveyor manufacturer and innovator based in the United States that developed the game-changing EZLogic software. This software is featured in many of their conveyor products, adding to their functionality and reliability.


What is EzLogic and how does it benefit your conveyors?


EZLogic stands for Electronic Zero-pressure Logic. Hytrol developed this software to provide an automated means to control zero-pressure accumulation in conveyors. The system incorporates photo-electrics to provide highly accurate sensing capabilities, a microprocessor to interpret input signals, and electronic logic controls. Due to this highly digitized means of accumulation, there is no need for pneumatic logic components. As such, Hytrol conveyors that utilize EZLogic enjoy reduced noise, higher throughputs, increased reliability, easier maintenance, and dynamic zone allocation.

While it is designed to be used with any Hytrol industrial conveyor and any kind of product, from pallets to cartons and individual products, it is best used with systems that actually require accumulation or buffing functionalities.

There are two main modes of operations that EZLogic can execute:

  1. Singulation: this creates zone-length gaps between products as they travel on the conveyor
  2. Slug release: this minimizes the gaps between cases to help conveyors achieve higher throughputs

On top of that, there are other features that come with EZLogic. Here is a breakdown of those features:


  • Sleep: EZLogic can automatically detect when there is an absence of product in a zone for a specific time period and thereby put that zone to sleep. This helps improve the health of a system over time by reducing the potential of roller wear and tear.
  • Indexing Stop Zones: when combined with a push-button station, operators can control stoppage of conveyance to allow for workstation operations.
  • Jam Protection: EZLogic’s sensors can detect when a product has stalled for a specific amount of time, indicating potential backups and “jams” along the conveying line. EZLogic then sends a signal to upstream zones to begin the accumulation of any oncoming goods, thus preventing the build-up from worsening. As soon as products begin to move as intended again, EZLogic’s sensors will once again send a signal to the rest of the system to revert back to normal operations.

All these functionalities bring great benefits to today’s industrial conveyor systems, which are becoming increasingly large-scale and automated. If you are looking for conveyors that have these key functionalities, get in touch with Norpak Handling as we are Hytrol’s official Integration Partner in Canada. Check out our website to learn more about all of our products!

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