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The Accessories You Need to Upgrade Your Conveyor System

The Accessories You Need to Upgrade Your Conveyor System

January 09, 2019

A high-quality conveyor system is not complete without conveyor equipment that can perform specific functions, such as sorting, switching, and transferring. Without accessories, your system is restricted to only the most basic processes.




We provide customized, high-quality conveyor systems, as well as a wide variety of accessories to suit your operations needs.




Conveyor systems can experience a number of operational issues if they are not designed and configured to fulfil all processing requirements. Is your system experiencing line jams? A merge accessory can fix that. Are your products getting damaged in the transfer process? A diverter is what you need. Any potential processing issue can be addressed with a system accessory. Here’s a list of the accessories we provide:


Y-Switch – This accessory diverts or converges products from one line to another. Our switches can direct flow with 45 or 90 degree curves. You have the choice of furnishing your switch with manual or pneumatic controls and adding guard rails.

Pusher – An essential piece of conveyor equipment for facilities that have reject or inspection stations. A pusher moves products off a line at a right angle without interrupting the processing flow.

Diverter – Diverters prevent products from getting damaged while being transferred between lines by automatically diverting products onto adjacent lines. Our diverters are designed for accumulating conveyors and can pivot for flexibility.

O-Ring Transfer – This accessory moves the products onto adjacent or parallel lines at right angles. O-rings grip and transport each product with the guidance of linear bearings for raising and lowering. We provide O-ring transfers that can handle a maximum unit load of 75 lbs.

ARB Switch – An Activated Roller Belt switch diverts products from one or multiple infeed lines to multiple outfeed lines, and can accommodate both center and side infeeds. This is a great alternative to more traditional accessories that perform similar functions, as ARB switches reduce downtime and provide greater handling flexibility. Our ARB switches are able to handle up to 50 products a minute, including products of varying sizes and weights.

ARB Merge – A merge accessory is your solution to line jam, recirculation, and line slowdown issues. This accessory smoothly merges two or more lines into one so that products do not accumulate and incur damage.


If you are looking for conveyor equipment to improve your system, let us help you determine the best options for your business. We can deliver any accessory in record time, and we can even manufacture accessories you don’t see in our catalogue. Get in touch with us today for your conveyor system project! 

This is a great resource! I've been looking into purchasing an ARB merge accessory.
Posted by: Sarah | January 31, 2019, 9:19 am
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