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The Benefits of a Plastic Chain Conveyor

The Benefits of a Plastic Chain Conveyor

August 04, 2021

Chain conveyors are highly flexible, with plastic chain belt conveyors, in particular, being popular in different applications, specifically in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and small personal care item industries. Plastic chain conveyors provide a good amount of benefits that make them more suitable for these industries as compared to other conveyor models.


Here are some of the benefits of using a plastic chain conveyor for the aforementioned industries:


1. Ease of Sanitization and Cleaning

The structure of plastic chain conveyors is fabricated for sanitary conditions, making it easy to clean. The plastic belt is also sanitary and can be cleaned easily. These characteristics are highly prized in the food and beverage, personal care item, and pharmaceutical industries as even a little bit of contamination can cause a whole batch of products to be recalled.

2. Lower Risk of Product Damage

The smooth top of the plastic belt makes it easy to deflect and divert products. Furthermore, plastic belts are also non-marking. As such, a plastic chain conveyor is gentler with your products or packages, thus reducing the risks of damages. Product and packaging damage is a major factor in the consumer products industry, and as such utmost quality has to be ensured through the use of the proper conveying solutions.

3. Better Belt Tracking

Plastic chain conveyors work with sprockets instead of pulleys. Sprockets allow for a better, more streamlined belt flow, reducing the possibility of belt tracking issues. Furthermore, the overall stability keeps products steady on the belt, maintaining their position and eliminating the concern of having to frequently check on the products.

4. Layout Versatility 

The layout configuration and versatility of plastic chain conveyors make it easy to rearrange production lines. Many businesses, especially in the food packaging industry, rotate their packaging solutions frequently, and as such, the versatility offered by a plastic chain conveyor makes it a perfect choice. Furthermore, these conveyors are light and easily portable, making installation and relocation simple tasks.

At Norpak Handling, we have two major plastic chain belt conveyor solutions: the Hytrol Model ALT1000 and QC Industries’ FlexTrac conveyors. The Model ALT1000 is optimized to take on different accessories and combinations, and over time the conveyor can be configured to grow as a system and accommodate all your changing needs. The FlexTrac conveyor is also similarly optimized for customization, and furthermore boasts capacities for high speeds and heavy loads. With these solutions at your fingertips, you will be able to benefit from the versatility of plastic chain conveyors.

The experts at Norpak Handling will be happy to guide you through selecting the right chain conveyor for your needs. With decades of experience servicing businesses all over Canada, our mission is to continuously bring the best material handling solutions to our clients as their businesses grow. 

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