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The Role of Conveyor Systems in Increased Productivity and Efficient Operations

The Role of Conveyor Systems in Increased Productivity and Efficient Operations

October 10, 2018

At Norpak, conveyor systems make up the basic essence of our business, but at its heart, our day-to-day operations are about something much more fundamental than roller conveyors – they are about productivity. The role of automation in an efficient production line is hardly a new concept, but for many, the incredible potential these systems hold to raise efficiency – to save time and money, to relocate valuable labour, and to run a system more reliably than ever before – is vastly undervalued.


For each of our customers, Norpak conveyor systems have been a source of efficiency and reliability in industries where few things are valued more.



Consider a business that relies on palletization for transport of valuable products. Typically, pallets would be brought in in groups, in as many lanes as could reasonably have been fit within the warehouse, and you’d need to have one or two workers at each one constantly, to process each package. In a world where people are working five days a week for fifty-two weeks, you could be focusing two to three thousand hours of labour per lane every year.


Recently, Norpak worked with a customer whose warehouse held twenty-eight lanes for processing. That comes to between twenty-eight and fifty-six unique workers whose talents are being spent sorting and consolidating products, twenty-eight lanes where user error is a consistent possibility, and where accidents are always a concern. It also comes to over seventy thousand labour hours per year in the company’s production budget. Think about all of the work that can get done in seventy thousand hours – or the amount of money that gets invested in that process!


This is what installing conveyor systems really means for your business – it means those thousands of hours are saved. They can be relocated, while an intelligent automated system processes each line quickly, efficiently, and tirelessly. Today, the technologies that inform these processes are advanced enough to break down pallet loads in very much the same way a person would, without overloading or mismanaging each tier. Automated and intelligent conveyor systems can reshuffle your entire production budget, giving you significantly increased freedom to make the choices that will better benefit your business.


Norpak has been designing and refining conveyor systems for nearly thirty years as a company, and for much longer as a sum of individuals. For decades, our focus has been improving your production line, and these systems have always stood out as an ideal means of doing so. Feel free to call or contact us at any point to discuss customized solutions we can build for your own business.

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