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The Top 3 Common Types of Belt Conveyors

The Top 3 Common Types of Belt Conveyors

August 22, 2018

Conveyor systems are most commonly used in material handling and packing industries, but they are also utilized by numerous businesses around the world. Belt conveyors are capable of handling a variety of bulk materials and can be designed to carry different capacities of material to fit various applications. They also provide the cheapest way to transport products for long distances and require less horsepower to run than other conveyor types.

Belt conveyors are used widely in the industry for the tremendous production efficiencies they bring.

Belt conveyors are not necessarily straight but can also turn corners with special attachments. In this case, the belt shape for corners must be concentric for smooth movement around the corners. The material being transported can travel either horizontally, inclined or declined, depending on the type of conveyor being used. There are various types of belt conveyors available from which you can find one that best suit your conveying needs.

Here are the top four most popular ones with their functions.


  • Slider bed:

    It consists of a smooth surface which is usually made from steel or masonite. With these types of belt conveyors, the belt is fixed to the surface for continuous transportation of products.
  • Horizontal belt conveyors:

    This is composed of a center drive, a gear motor, and the take-up. It can move either one or both pulleys at the end which depends on the drive. Its belt is very flexible and the entire conveyor is supported on the floor thoroughly along its length.
  • Incline and decline belt conveyors:

    This is similar to the horizontal belt conveyors but has add-on components. It can come with a single or double nose over and feeder portion. Typically, it has a rough belt surface to provide more traction to the material being transported to prevent them from rolling forward or backward.


Other types include wire mesh, piano hinge, parcel belt, and portable belt conveyors. At Norpak Handling, our conveyors are built with cost-effectiveness and versatility in mind. We provide a variety of belt materials and types which can be customized to your specifications. Our belt conveyors are designed for reliable and minimum-fuss operation.

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