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Three Types of Gravity Conveyors

Three Types of Gravity Conveyors

May 09, 2019


A gravity conveyor, as the name suggests, makes use of gravity to transport materials, as opposed to being powered by electricity.


In addition to being a more sustainable option when it comes to energy use, this type of conveyor is cost-effective, as it does not have motorized parts that would require maintenance or repair. Here are three types of gravity conveyors to consider for your facility operations, including the roller conveyor.



This is best-known type of gravity conveyor. Also called the gravity roller conveyor, you’ll see this type of conveyor system at airport security checkpoints. Rollers are a simple and effective transportation tool for directing items along a specific path, either on a decline or completely horizontal. Rollers on a decline work great for unloading items from higher to lower planes. Roller conveyors can be built to be larger and sturdier for transporting heavier items.



A chute conveyor can have either a straight or spiral structure, and is used to transport items between conveyors on different levels. Chutes are especially useful for avoiding spills or jams in a conveyor system, and can even transport loose products such as grains.



This is another type of roller conveyor; what makes a skatewheel gravity conveyor unique is the arrangement of small wheels spaced across each shaft to replace rollers. These wheels are ideal for transporting lightweight items. The conveyor line itself can be built to be straight or curved.


Ball Transfer Table

This is actually an accessory—one that is recommended to enhance the capabilities of gravity conveyors. A ball transfer table is installed within a conveyor system to assist with manual rotation of items and moving items from one conveyor line to another. The table can only be used for larger items with a hard, flat bottom.


At Norpak Handling, we offer a wide variety of live roller conveyors for handling heavier loads (>50kg). As a full service provider, we can build a reliable and efficient conveyor to match your specific weight requirements. Our conveyors are guaranteed to last long, even under intense and persistent usage. Contact us today for assistance in finding the best roller conveyor for your facility needs!


We are an authorized Hytrol integration partner. For more information on this topic, read their article about gravity conveyors here.

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