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What Are Belt Over Conveyors And When Should They Be Used?

What Are Belt Over Conveyors And When Should They Be Used?

September 12, 2023

Depending on the nature of material handling operations, conveyor systems can vary widely. While roller conveyors and belt conveyors are the most popular options, they might not be ideal for all applications. Some operations may require belt over conveyors. Their definition and requirements will be addressed in this blog.

Basics Of Belt Over Conveyors

What Are Belt Over Conveyors?

Belt-over conveyors are a combination of belted conveyors and rollers. Essentially, the belt is looped over rollers, with the latter acting as a support structure. The rollers can also be replaced by metal slides or plastic strips in some cases. The belt is placed over cylindrical tubes spanning the width of the conveyor. These tubes are coated with a special, friction-inducing material called laggings. This enables the conveyor to generate optimal traction and ensure safe transportation of goods.

Best Application of Belt Over Conveyors

As the conveyors offer a great deal of friction and support, they are best suited for the following applications:

- Transporting products along an incline or decline, where there is a high probability of load sliding or slipping off the conveyor. 
- For transporting irregularly shaped products, specifically products that don’t have a flat bottom. The superior traction of the conveyor ensures that they don’t slip or slide on the machine.
- For transporting fragile goods where it is essential to prevent collisions or even minor bumps.
- Taking products through a scan tunnel where they are analyzed and sorted accordingly.

Therefore, for operations where the product being transported is irregularly shaped, fragile, or moved on a gradient, belt-over conveyors are an ideal choice.

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