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What is a Telescopic Conveyor?

What is a Telescopic Conveyor?

January 28, 2022

There are many different types of conveyors; this variety is meant to help cater to the vastly different needs every facility has. For instance, telescopic conveyors can be found in a large facility that directly ships out or receives products or parts, helping to streamline the collection and delivery process.



Telescopic conveyors greatly automate the process of safely loading and unloading goods. 



In today’s blog, we will be discussing the applications and benefits of telescopic conveyors. 


Firstly, what is a telescopic conveyor? This conveyor type gets its name from its telescopic design. Telescopic in this context refers to concentric tubular sections that are designed to slide into one another. This means that a telescopic conveyor has the ability to change its length through the extension or retraction of its telescopic slides. 


The reason telescopic conveyors are particularly popular for loading and unloading functions is that they can be extended into inbound or outbound trailers for loading and unloading, thus cutting out the need for the labour-intensive manual transportation of goods to and from trucks and containers to conveyors. 


A telescopic conveyor usually has two parts: one fixed part and one telescopic part. The fixed part of the conveyor is connected to the rest of the conveyor system, whereas the telescopic part is left at the ends of the system. Telescopic conveyors utilize belts to convey products. They are usually mobile and thus can be moved and fixed onto the ends of different systems. Furthermore, they can also be inclined or declined. 


If you are looking for a telescopic conveyor, you should check out the features of the MaxxReach conveyor. It comes with variable fixed drive systems and controls, bringing versatility and efficiency to your processes. 


Here are some of its features:


  • VFD-controlled belt drive systems to promote smoother transitions from belt starts and stops. 
  • Belt speeds that are variable up to 120 FPM.
  • VFD-controlled extension drives for smoother extension and retraction.
  • A load capacity of 50 lbs/ft
  • A maximum live load of 4000 lbs
  • Emergency stops at control panels
  • Extension stop bars for the final stage


The features of the MaxxReach help maximize the functionality and benefits of its telescopic design by enhancing automation and giving the operator more flexibility. 


For even higher levels of functionality, you can customize some key features of the MaxxReach conveyor such as its variable belt speeds and VFD controls. This level of customization is crucial for optimized operations, putting all the power in the hands of the operator. 


Telescopic conveyors are just one type of conveyor that businesses can benefit from, especially businesses that run large facilities. At Norpak Handling, we partner with different manufacturers to help provide a diverse range of conveying solutions to our clients. For more information on different conveyors, check out our website and stay tuned for our next blog! 


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