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4-Step Process To Tighten Or Loosen Chain Tension

4-Step Process To Tighten Or Loosen Chain Tension

June 03, 2024

All conveyors have their system of maintenance and upkeep. Be it a conveyor roller, belt or drag chain, each has its own protocol to check for potential performance issues. Speaking of drag chain conveyors, this performance issue can manifest in the form of inappropriate chain tensioning. So how can this tensioning be optimized? It can be achieved via a simple, 4-step process which will be addressed below.

How To Achieve Chain Tensioning?

Chain Guard Removal

The first step is to remove the chain guard. This is done via an appropriate lock-out/tag-out procedure for safety as specified by the manufacturers. 

Loosen Bolts From Takeup Bracket

The chain is housed within a takeup bracket which in turn is connected to the bearing support side channels. Therefore, the next step is removing the bolts that fasten this connection. If there is no need to remove the chain, then simply loosening the bolts of the takeup bracket will do.

Adjusting The Chain Tension

To adjust the tension in a drag chain conveyor, turn the jack bolt clockwise or counterclockwise. The former will tighten the chain whereas the latter will loosen the chain. Of course, it is important to calibrate the tension according to the length of the unit. For instance, the chain will automatically be looser in a longer unit than a shorter unit. 

Retighten Bolts And Re-Install Chain Guard

After tensioning the chain accordingly, refasten the bolts in the takeup bracket and add the chain guard. Now, turn on the chain conveyor again to check for any discrepancies. If there is a presence of a click or clap-like noise, then the chain is not tensioned properly. In this case, repeat from step one.

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