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5 Basic Types Of Belt Conveyors

5 Basic Types Of Belt Conveyors

December 26, 2022

Belt conveyors are the backbone of many production lines, from factories to warehouses, and even to construction sites. From the small belt conveyors used for parts assembly to industrial-grade conveyors used for large-scale projects, these conveyor machines come in a variety of sizes and configurations. But how to know which type of conveyor is best suited for a specific application? In this blog post, five basic types of belt conveyors will be examined to determine this. 


Varieties Of Conveyor Belts


Flat Belt Conveyor

These belts can be made from a variety of materials, including PVC, PU, cloth and even stainless steel. They are often used in assembly lines, sorting and inspection processes where product movement needs to be controlled from one point to another. 

Roller Bed Conveyor

Roller bed conveyors consist of a series of rollers, usually made of steel, that are mounted on a steel frame. The roller conveyors can be either powered or unpowered. The belt is mounted atop the roller bed for better traction. There are also conveyors which only use rollers. 

Curved Belt Conveyor

These belts are designed to curve around objects or corners, making them ideal for use in a variety of settings and applications. It helps save a lot of space in terms of conveyor design and installation.

Incline/Decline Belt Conveyor

An incline or decline belt conveyor is used when products need to be transported from one level to another. These types of conveyors are typically used in warehouse and manufacturing applications. Incline belt conveyors are designed to transport products up an incline, while decline belt conveyors are designed to move products down a decline.

When designing an incline/decline belt conveyor, it is important to consider the weight and size of the products being transported, as well as the desired throughput (speed). Other factors to consider include the angle of inclination/declination, the length of the conveyor, and whether there are any obstacles in the path of the conveyor.

Modular Belt Conveyor

A modular belt conveyor is a type of conveying system that utilizes a series of individual modules connected together to create a belt. This type of belt is typically used in situations where there is a need to move items up or down an incline, or over obstacles. Modular belt conveyors are also well-suited for use in assembly line applications.

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