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5 Types Of Conveyor Roller Construction

5 Types Of Conveyor Roller Construction

May 01, 2023

When it comes to the different types of prominent conveyors, roller conveyors are one of the best options. They operate with conveyor rollers that evenly distribute the weight of the unit load between them and facilitate moving them forward with minimal friction. These conveyor rollers comprise an axle, a tube and bearings to secure them in place. While it might seem like most rollers have the same construction, the truth is there are 5 different ways to manufacture and mount them. These 5 varieties will be explored in this blog. 

Varieties Of Conveyor Roller Construction

Counter Bored Tubes

In this instance, the tube of the conveyor roller is counter-bored to the exact specifications of the axle’s inner diameter. This is then secured using press-fitted bearings.

Crimped Tubes

In this case, the tube itself is crimped over the bearings. This fastly secures the bearings in place. However, due to this arrangement, the bearings can’t be replaced during repairs.

Tubes Featuring Adapters And Bearings

Adapters are a form of special housing for a ball bearing with lubrication, seals, a flange and more. The bearing fits inside this adapter, making it self-aligning and highly efficient. This adapter bearing is then fitted into the tubes.

Adding Flanges To Tubes

In some cases, flanges can be added to the conveyor roller tubes. These are flat, disc-like protrusions added to the end of the tube. It is done to better guide the load being transported. The dimensions of the flanges need to be pre-determined before installation.

Grooved Tubes

As the name suggests, these conveyor roller tube features one or multiple grooves along their surface. It is ideally used in tandem with urethane belts. The size and location of these grooves must also be specified before designing.

Apart from these 5 varieties, there are numerous other ways to manufacture conveyor rollers, but it will depend majorly on the application and requirements of the client.

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