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A Common Cause Of Conveyor Noise And How To Mitigate It

A Common Cause Of Conveyor Noise And How To Mitigate It

June 10, 2024

Conveyors are known for their excellent efficiency and load-bearing capacity. Conveyor belts in particular are excellent choices where more friction is required and desired. However, at high speeds, conveyor belts suffer a major problem. This blog will explain what the problem is and how it can be mitigated.

The Reason For Conveyor Noise

The main reason behind conveyor noise is in the manufacturing of the belt itself. When initially made and cut, they are of a standard width and specification. Typically, the length of the belt is twice the length of the conveyor, as it has to be looped around and it also has to consider parts such as take-up and end pulleys. 

However, when it is installed, it is cut along the width at 90 degrees, and depending on the desired length, the two ends are attached together using mechanical adhesion. This creates a problem when the conveyor operates at high speeds. The mechanical elements come in direct contact with the underlying conveyor rollers and pulleys, creating significant noise.

Introducing Bias-Cut Splicing

To combat this excessive noise, when the conveyor belt is cut and joined at both ends, they are cut at an angle instead of being perfectly perpendicular. This angle can vary anywhere between 2 to 7 degrees. This is known as bias-cut splicing and this significantly reduces the area of contact. Therefore, the belt doesn’t slap directly on the conveyor rollers or pulleys, and the noise is reduced.

To achieve a proper bias lace and bias cut splicing, it is more important to perfectly join the two ends of the belt rather than pondering too much over the angle. As long as the angle is within the 2 to 7-degree range, there is no issue. 

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