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Applications for Your New Belted Hytrol Slider Bed Curve Conveyor

Applications for Your New Belted Hytrol Slider Bed Curve Conveyor

November 05, 2019

So, you’ve gone ahead and read all about how Hytrol have outdone themselves when it comes to the engineering behind their new Slider Bed Curve (SBC) conveyor. The sum of the Hytrol parts that make up this conveyor, such as the self-aligning bearings, are the scrupulous details that put it above the rest. However knowing the craft behind your Hytrol parts and conveyor is only half the battle; having a deep-rooted understanding behind their applications is the other.


Which brings us neatly to the agenda of today’s piece. From consistent orientation for scanning to slippage, let’s look at specific situation where the SBC can shine:


Uses for the Hytrol SBC Conveyor


Shifts in Slope

one of the defining features of the SBC comes from its ability to provide items with significant surface adhesion via friction; a fantastic solution in facilities where acute incline and decline angles can be problematic for conveyance. Should you be conveying loose products, there are Hytrol parts you can source from Norpak, such as cleats, to help with this.


Bagged Items

in many facilities, the packaging of numerous products and loose items are bagged. This is important when it comes to conveyance solutions as they can conform in shape to the method of transportation. For example, the unequal loading in bagged items can make them become lodged on a live roller conveyor, thwarting efficiency. This is much unlike a belt conveyor, providing a smooth and uninterrupted journey for these items.


Products with Unusual Geometry

many of the items that are conveyed do not conform to ideal geometric shapes. Instead, the conveyance of small and peculiarly shaped items, such as screws, bolts, sand, gravel, and so on, can make up a large part of the process. These items must travel on a belt as they can pose an issue for live rollers due to the tendency to become lodged between gaps, whereas belts, on the other hand, are seamless.



when it comes to the routing of your packages and having a comprehensive control system throughout your warehouse, scanners play a pivotal role. The SBC conveyor allows for uncompromising support of scanners on slider beds, allowing for consistent read outs.



you’d be hard pressed to find a production facility not looking to increase the flowrate and accuracy when it comes to their sortation; a gapper allows for this. In order for this to happen, gappers operate the conveyors at alternate speeds and, true to their namesake, produce gaps between items. The SBC conveyor with slider beds make for an ideal use case for gappers as they minimise slippage.


With these applications in mind, the case for the new Hytrol SBC speaks for itself; there exist an amalgam of benefits for almost any production facility looking to incorporate this conveyor and additional Hytrol parts.


As with anything, success comes with foresight – part of this is working alongside an authorised Hytrol distributor with the knowledge and resources in place to help you stock up on spare Hytrol parts for your system. Whether you’re located in the East or West coast of Canada, we have offices situated in Ontario and BC, respectively, to provide you with outstanding service!


Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management.

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