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Benefits Of Roller Set Low Configuration

Benefits Of Roller Set Low Configuration

June 28, 2024

In terms of mounting a conveyor roller, there are two main configurations: rollers set high and rollers set low. Rollers set high is a configuration where the conveyor roller is positioned a bit higher than the conveyor frame. Rollers set low is a position where the rollers are set parallel to the bottom of the frame. Therefore the top of the frame juts above the rollers. With the definitions out of the way, here’s a look at some benefits of rollers set low configuration for a conveyor machine.

Merits Of Rollers Set Low

Easy Installation

Since the frame of the conveyor is set above the rollers themselves, it doesn’t require any additional installation of accessories such as an accumulation kit, which is usually shipped separately for rollers set high and assembled on site. Therefore, in terms of setup, rollers set low have a distinct advantage. Since there is no need for additional installation, this type of conveyor is also more cost-effective.

No Requirement For Guardrail Installation

Since guardrails come pre-installed in this configuration, the installation is even easier. Even if extra guardrail installation is required, it can be done easily by fastening the channel guardrail to the conveyor frame’s top flange. 

No Risk Of Snagging 

In the rollers set high configuration, since guard rails are spaced a bit from the channel, narrower packages run the risk of being snagged by a guard rail and causing accumulation problems. This problem is easily eliminated in rollers set low conveyor machines because the frames are set above the conveyor rollers.

With all the added benefits of rollers set low, there are some cases that necessitate the use of rollers set high, such as spurring cartons on or off the conveyor machine using diverters and transfer tables.

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