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Role Of Steel Strapping And Pneumatic Tensioner In Heavy-Duty Conveyors

Role Of Steel Strapping And Pneumatic Tensioner In Heavy-Duty Conveyors

June 19, 2024

There are many conveyor systems designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. Be it a conveyor roller or a specialized pallet conveyor, it requires some extra securing in some cases. This is where steel strapping comes in. In this blog, Norpak Handling will explain the function of steel strapping and why it requires specialized tensioning devices for optimal performance.

What Is Steel Strapping?

In essence, steel strapping is a flat band of steel that is used to secure heavy packages. Thus, during conveyor operation, it can prevent heavy loads from toppling over when navigating turns or stops. However, due to its high strength, steel strapping can’t be tightened or tensioned manually. This is where special tensioning devices come into the picture, such as a pneumatic tensioner.

What Is A Pneumatic Tensioner?

As the name suggests, a pneumatic tensioner uses pressurized air to create tension or tightness in the steel strapping. This makes the strapping far more secure, making it a key accessory in heavy-duty conveyor applications.

It primarily comprises a motor and a rotating wheel. The motor powers the wheel, which, in turn, pulls and secures the steel strapping tightly around the load. Thus, it results in safe and effective transportation of heavy loads, irrespective of the type of conveyor.

Pneumatic tensioner also has numerous benefits:

- Improved efficiency during operation as the tensioner is much faster and more effective in securing the steel strapping than manual means.

- Improved safety for the workers in a warehouse as the tightly secured loads are less likely to skid or fall, resulting in injury.

- A pneumatic tensioner is also compatible with different gauges of steel strapping, making it highly functional and versatile.

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