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Conveyor Solutions: Adapting to COVID-19’s Impact on Manufacturing

Conveyor Solutions: Adapting to COVID-19’s Impact on Manufacturing

August 30, 2021

COVID-19 has been a game-changing world event, forcing drastic changes in all industries. Despite initial concerns regarding supply chains and product shortages, COVID-19 has actually caused manufacturing to ramp up worldwide, specifically to meet the demands of increased e-commerce activity. Aside from having to scale up operations, manufacturers have also had to adapt to other changes brought on by the pandemic, namely by fortifying the existing sanitization and safety procedures in their production and processing lines.

Indeed, while most of the world went on pause, the manufacturing industry was always considered essential and in fact had to drastically increase its capabilities in a short amount of time, even with many resources not being as accessible as before. The one saving grace of the industry during this time has been the continued availability of creative conveyor solutions, supplied by material handling experts such as Norpak Handling.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, conveyor product manufacturers and suppliers were already an integral part of the manufacturing industry.

However, the pandemic further emphasized the importance of high-quality, reliable conveyor systems, not only for meeting an increasingly high demand for goods, but also to give consumers peace of mind that their goods were handled in a safe and clean automated environment.

Ensuring Cleanliness and Protection from Contamination in PPE Manufacturing

As the pandemic broke out early last year, the world began to see the increased movement of specific goods as people rapidly stocked up on essential items. These goods can be classified under the broad category of personal protective equipment (PPE), including items such as surgical masks, hand sanitizer, visors, gloves, barriers, and more.

Many manufacturers pivoted and began producing PPE for the first time in order to meet an increased need for these goods. This means they would have had to rapidly acquire and implement the right infrastructure for the manufacturing and processing of PPE. Conveyor suppliers stepped up to the challenge, helping manufacturers to upgrade existing systems or implement brand new ones.

The conveyor solutions required for PPE manufacturing are very specific, with a high emphasis on sanitization capabilities and being highly automated in order to produce massive orders. Consistency is key, as minor product defects during pandemic times can mean entire orders being recalled. As such, manufacturers can only trust conveyor suppliers with the most distinguished reputations.

Helping Manufacturers Adapt to Increased E-Commerce Activity

As communities began to settle around the pandemic, a steady rise in e-commerce activity was observed. Naturally, people sought their goods from online platforms, triggering a worldwide need for reinforced and upgraded shipping and delivery infrastructure.

Not only were additional conveyor systems sought to help with increased product orders, but material handling solutions were also needed specifically for the shipping and delivery industry. Warehouses had to be equipped with the best solutions to optimize the flow of goods. Outdated systems and infrastructure would have been the downfall of many companies during this time if not for advanced conveyor solutions.

Experts predict that the e-commerce boom will continue to surge until it becomes a norm in our world. There will be concerted efforts across the globe to outfit all manufacturers and warehouses with the right conveyor systems to ensure they can adapt to this demand.

Solutions for Canadian Manufacturers and Businesses

These global trends have been keenly felt in Canada, where some businesses have even had to overhaul their entire manufacturing process in order to adapt. For Canadian businesses, reliable conveyor suppliers have never been more sought after.

In Canada, Norpak Handling has had decades of experience in the material handling industry, witnessing changing trends over the years and adapting our solutions to fit our clients’ needs. We have the experience necessary and all the right equipment to assist with your increased shipping volumes. Custom capabilities can be outfitted into your conveyor systems to ensure complete optimization of your processes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what strive to do for the Canadian manufacturing community to get through these times in preparation for a better future.

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