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Drag Chain Conveyor 101: Functioning And When To Use Them

Drag Chain Conveyor 101: Functioning And When To Use Them

July 28, 2023

When it comes to conveyors, belt conveyors are one of the most prominent. Conveyor rollers are a close second, but when it comes to handling extremely heavy loads, these conveyors may not be as efficient. It might require a more specialized conveyor machine, such as the drag chain conveyor. In this blog, its definition, importance, and application will be addressed in detail.

What Are Drag Chain Conveyors?

Drag chain conveyors comprise strong, powerful chains that directly support the load being transported such as pallets and other types of large loads. While they can handle incredible load capacities, they mostly only transport products in a straight line. In some operations, 90-degree transfers can be added to make transportation smooth. Learn about 90-degree transfers here.

Benefits Of Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag chain conveyors are perfect under the following conditions:

- Heavy pallets with a load capacity of around 6000 lbs, which a regular conveyor might not be able to bear.

- An operation requires a conveyor with low maintenance and the ability to fit easily into any facility.

- Since the product sits atop the chain, it offers better stability during transportation. This consequently eliminates pallet drifting and makes any warehouse safer for the workers.

- It also reduces the chance of breaking or damaging the pallet or product, saving resources in the long run.

Applications Of Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag chain conveyors are best suited for the following applications:

- Working conditions where the environment is oily or wet.
- For transporting pallets, drums, and footed pallets, which are unsuitable for transport on a conveyor roller.
- Environments where there is a rapid transition in temperature.

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