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Hytrol’s NBEZ: Your Instructional Guide to Belt Removal, Installation, and Maintenance

Hytrol’s NBEZ: Your Instructional Guide to Belt Removal, Installation, and Maintenance

November 07, 2019

You’ve read about how Hytrol’s release of the NBEZ conveyor has changed the conveyance game since its release. Now not only has the NBEZ forged a new path as the first all-electric narrow belt accumulation conveyor, but it has also done this by reinventing the wheel when it comes to all things maintenance.


Maintenance is not a thing to be avoided, but rather embraced. It is, after all, an inevitability within any industrial facility. What’s important is how manufacturers like Hytrol iterate on their products, let’s see how the NBEZ has redefined service for Hytrol conveyors:


Plug and Play Components

Gone are the days of components having to be fixed into place with specialty tools. The NBEZ drive and brake components simply snap into position and become ready for immediate use, streamlining the experience behind your service for Hytrol conveyors.



A good rule of thumb: the more moving parts the more intensive the maintenance program. The NBEZ flips this on its back by utilising magnets for the drive and braking systems, gone are the pneumatic cylinders of old, and in with new, effortless service for Hytrol conveyors.


Air Begone!

The all-electric nature of the NBEZ affords it the luxury of pneumatic free accumulation. Air compressor issues can be laborious by nature and more often than not require regimented programs. This is no longer the case and service for Hytrol conveyors has never been more economical.


As an authorised distributor, our Delta, BC location at Norpak is ideal for those of you with Hytrol systems installed and operating within BC and Alberta seeking maintenance, parts, and service for Hytrol conveyors.


Belt Removal and Installation Procedure

Before commencing, we encourage you to don the appropriate safety gear and adhere to the appropriate lockout/tagout procedures laid forth by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), or get in touch with Norpak Handling to deliver outstanding service for Hytrol conveyors.


NBEZ Belt Removal

Step 1) On the end of the centre drive you should find the spring adjustment nut. Unscrew the nut using the spring take-up indicator until a yellow indicator is shown, this relieves belt tension and loosens the belt.

Step 2) The centre guard’s bottom drive is to be unsecured. Do this by removing the 3/8” components located at the front and bottom of the panel.

Step 3) The four 3/8” nuts securing the plate to the drive channel can be removed.  With access plate separated, the snub idler in the centre drive can be removed.

Step 4) Remove the take-up pulley by sliding it in the direction of the drive pulley, clearing the cam tracks, and finally separated from its bracket and passed through the bottom flange of the drive channels.

Step 5) Remove the belt around the take-up pulley and subsequently the tail pulleys.

Step 6) Steer the belt over the guide bearings located along the conveyor in order to successfully remove the belt from the upper belt guides.

Step 7) Belt can now be entirely removed from conveyor.   


NBEZ Belt Installation

Step 1) The rollers in the drive section, sat atop the drive and snub idlers, are to be removed.

Step 2) Starting from the top of the conveyor, insert the belt and guide it down towards the centre drive.

Step 3) Wrap the belt around the take-up pulley removed earlier. The take-up pulley can now be reinserted into its bracket and track.

Step 4) The previously removed snub-idler can also be reinserted, make sure the belt is also wrapped around this. If the installation sticker outside the drive channel is not adequate, reach out to Norpak to provide service for Hytrol conveyors.

Step 5) The snub-idler access plate can be resecured using the 3/8” components.

Step 6) The belt can be guided towards the conveyor’s infeed by going over the snub roller and being wrapped around the tail pulley.

Step 7) Make sure to position the belt between the higher and lower belt guides and work your way towards the discharge tail pulley.

Step 8) The centre drive’s bottom guard can be refastened using the 3/8” components.

Step 9) Now tension the belt; the spring take-up indicator is your guide. The adjustment nut is to be tightened until a black indicator is shown.

Step 10) Put back the rollers once the belt is tight.

Step 11) Start up the conveyor unit to ensure belt tracking.


If you’re wondering whether the removal and installation process is suspiciously simple, then cast your suspicions aside. The ingenuity of the design for the NBEZ stems from its minimalist approach; in the case of the belt pulley, the convenience is twofold: the belt isn’t looped around the drive pulley and, therefore, is not necessary to be removed, saving facilities precious downtime when seeking services for Hytrol conveyors.


Norpak Handling is a leading Canadian conveyor equipment and systems solution provider, specializing in complete project integration services including maintenance and project management.

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