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What Is A Breakaway Shoe Sorter And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is A Breakaway Shoe Sorter And What Are Its Benefits?

May 09, 2023

General conveyors have many different parts and fixtures such as conveyor rollers, conveyor belts and more. However, there also are a variety of specialized conveyors in the market today that are geared toward specific operations. Sortation conveyors fall in this category, as they sort and funnel products in an assembly line. A standard accessory used in a sortation conveyor is a sliding shoe sorter. This type of system uses aluminum slats mounted with special shoes to push products to one side of the conveyor. Some are extremely efficient, handling up to 200 products per minute. However, in case of a breakdown, the throughput can be severely affected. To combat this, a breakaway shoe sorter was devised. 


Basics Of A Breakaway Shoe Sorter


As the name suggests, a breakaway shoe sorter breaks or detaches in two in some cases. It comprises a separate shoe top and shoe base, rather than one single block/shoe used in conventional sorters. When the load exerted on the shoe exceeds a certain limit, it shears or breaks in two. This is made possible due to the design of the breakaway shoe, where the top and bottom shoes are connected using a shear pin. Therefore, when the shoe sorter faces a jam, the pin breaks and the sorter can still run without breaking the slats. 


Benefits Of Installing A Breakaway Shoe Sorter


Reduced Downtime:

As explained above, when the pin breaks and the sorter is split in two, it only requires a minor repair. Once the pin is replaced, it can continue to function normally. Therefore, such a breakage can be repaired in a matter of minutes, leading to significantly reduced downtime.


Reduced Cost Of Repair:

Since only the affected shoe needs to be repaired, the cost of operation is significantly reduced. In conventional shoe sorters, damaged shoes can consequently lead to damaged slats, requiring major repairs. Thus, breakaway shoes are an economically viable option. 


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