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Why You Should Get Consulting Services before Purchasing a Conveyor System

Why You Should Get Consulting Services before Purchasing a Conveyor System

May 21, 2021

Getting the right conveyor system for your needs can be a complex process. There is a great way to simplify things. Before making any commitments or decisions, seek consultation services from a material handling solutions provider first.


Norpak Handling has been supplying conveyor systems and accessories to businesses across Canada for decades.


We work with renowned manufacturers such as Hytrol Conveyor Company, FHM Conveyors, and more. As a holistic solutions provider, we do more than just supply products. We offer a range of services including installation, simulation, project management, and conveyor consulting.

The Process

Many businesses are often confounded by the sheer variety of conveyor systems available out there. Consulting services are needed in order to set a direction help to clarify the exact needs of a facility. The consultation process includes an analysis of current systems, but also of the products that need to be conveyed, the kind of facility and floor space to be worked with, budget, and more. If there is an existing conveyor system, Norpak’s team will identify specific issues and come up with a game plan on how it can be improved or upgraded.

Support from Start to Finish

It is not enough to simply provide the initial consultation support. Norpak seeks to support customers through the entire process, from the initial project planning to the final handover and installation of the new system. Expert advice provided during the consultation will not be as valuable if follow-through on the advice cannot be achieved. Our team of technicians, sales experts, and consultants all work together to provide a cohesive and unified solution to our clients.

Benefits of Consultation

The type of conveyor system you use, the kinds of accessories it comes with, and its layout can all greatly affect the productivity and cost-efficiency of a facility. If efficiency is not maximized everywhere it can be, profits and productivity can be affected. Norpak consultants will help you choose the right conveyor system, recommend the best way to use floor space, and advise on how best to implement your new system. In addition, they will look at other areas of your operation, including operator training, maintenance, and health and safety. You can truly expect to get the full package with Norpak’s consultations.

Other Services

As mentioned before, follow-through is just as important as the consultation itself. That is why we provide additional services such as project management, simulation services, installation, and post-sales support. We aim to target every area of concern for our clients so that the process will be as seamless and simplified as possible.

Norpak Handling is proud to be able to offer our clients such services. When you work with Norpak, you can rest assured that your facility’s needs are in good hands with experienced experts. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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