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Product Spotlight: Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor

Product Spotlight: Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor

August 31, 2020

The Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor is one of the greatest options for moving packages as well as providing support with shipping, transportation, and packaging whilst being extremely user-friendly and efficient. The Bestflex is designed to move packages any distance at a range of different speeds and is an all-power conveyor with a capacity of 100 pounds per linear foot. This roller conveyor is portable and can be moved into position easily with the flexibility to service multiple docks from one fixed conveyor location. As such, this product is well suited for any size warehouses that require a more efficient and less labour intensive trailer loading or unloading system.

There are a range of different features that come with the Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor that help with the efficiency of this product as well as making it user friendly.

These features include:

  • On and off switch on both sides of the Conveyor.
  • Handles on each end of the unit.
  • Requires less storage space when fully retracted.
  • Flexible design allows conveyor to service multiple dock doors.
  • Powered rollers allow longer conveyor lengths.

As illustrated, there are a range of design features that assist in improving the automated features of the Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor whilst still providing full autonomy of the process to the operators of the machinery. There are also even more optional features available to help make your experience with this product even more pleasant -- this includes the electrical interface kit which allows multiple sections to operate together.

On top of the aforementioned functions, the Bestflex conveyor has these features that make it one of the more powerful and durable conveyors out there:

  • Load capacity of 100 lbs/ft.
  • Heavy duty steel square tubing powder coated black legs.
  • Durable DC drive motors with 120V A/C
  • 6” x 2” heavy duty casters with breaks
  • Handles on each end of unit

There are also some optional features which are available:

  • PowerTrax cart can be added to make extension and retraction of long lengths of conveyor easier.
  • Closer roller centres (5” standard when fully extended) available to handle smaller packages.
  • Electronic photoeye package stop to stop conveyor when packages reaches the end.
  • Zero pressure accumulation allows packages to accumulate full length of conveyor without contacting each other.

There are so many more features to be explored! Indeed, the Bestflex Conveyor is designed to be user-friendly and versatile, allowing it to work with all sorts of packages and products while continuing to boost convenience for workers on site. The Bestflex Powered Roller Conveyor is a great option for loading and transporting application. The Bestflex Conveyor can really help with productivity as it is able to serve multiple docking doors. For more information on this product, please visit our website.


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