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MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyors

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MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor Features:

  • Load capacity 50 lbs/ft
  • Maximum live load at any given time 4000 lbs.
  • 2-ply PVC belt
  • 3HP belt drive
  • 60 FPM – 120 FPM belt speeds
  • 45 FMP extension speed
  • 1HP gear motor for extension with friction clutch
  • One piece formed side pressings
  • Operator controls – In/Out, Stop/Start, E-stop, lights, ESB, Debris Tray
  • Belt & e-stop status & interlocks
  • Emergency stops at control panels
  • UHMW stage gap filler
  • Extension stop bar on final stage
  • Audible alarm



  • Variable belt speeds available with VFD controls
  • Photo eye flow control – The conveyor stops when sensors at the end detect a package is present.
  • Indexing – The leading edge of a package is detected and starts the conveyor which runs until the trailing edge is detected plus a pre-set time delay.
  • Localized electrical system design with any standard voltage
  • Transition rollers at the site end of the conveyor

With many diverse capabilities, optional features and more, the Maxxreach telescopic conveyor is a great addition to any production line. Able to handle high production speeds and outputs, the Maxxreach can handle your demanding production line with ease. It features a state-of-the-art design with a narrow footprint and a long-reach cantilever extension. Claim back your floor space by maximizing not only your facility's horizontal space but vertical space as well.



  • Herringbone Transition – assists in centering the cartons while providing a smooth transition from the feed conveyor down to the loader when used in shipping applications
  • Raised belt transfer – designed to safely transition packages from the unloader to the takeaway systems while bringing product into the facility; packages are automatically lifted off the belt reducing product damage and improving operator ergonomics.
  • Direct or pole mounted fan
  • Telescopic ventilation tubes – provides air circulation or air conditioning the length of the conveyor
  • Hydraulic tilt – raises the entire length of the conveyor to safely and ergonomically assist with transferring packages to or from the conveyor at the ideal height.
  • Fused electrical disconnect
  • Man-rider platform – mounted to the conveyor and coupled with hydraulic tilt, raises and lowers the trailer operator to the optimal working height, reducing operator strain and fatique, and eliminating the use of step stools within the trailer.
  • Traverse system – affixed to the base stage, the traverse system enables a single conveyor to service multiple doors reducing overall investment. Additionally, it provides an open floor plan for forklift access for non-conveyables. The conveyor travels on an embedded, flush mounted traverse track providing a safe, “no-trip” hazard for personnel.
  • Articulating snout – attached to the operating end of the conveyor, it is ergonomically designed to raise and lower the end section of the conveyor to assist with transferring packaged to or from conveyor at the proper height. Ideal for transferring heavy, floor loaded packages, boxes, bags, or bales reducing operator fatigue.
  • Swivel boom – all the benefits of the articulating snout plus the added ability to pivot left or right covering the width of the trailer
  • Auto-Loader – a fully automated telescopic conveyor capable of filling an enclosed trailer without the need for a trailer operator. Product fill rate is based on the product to be conveyed and will be calculated during the product selection process; ideal for e-commerce applications utilizing poly bags and/or small boxes.