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ARB Singulators

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Ideal For:

  • Ensuring high singulation accuracy rates (90%)
  • Eliminating labor dedicated to correcting side-by-sides
  • Reducing high rates of mis-sorts or recirculation due to side-by-sides
  • Achieving singulation of products in limited floor space
  • Handling a broad product range

Reduce unnecessary labor costs, and improve productivity with this unique conveying solution. The ARB Singulator accurately arranges side by side products into a single file line for easy downstream running processes. It is a great solution for reducing product jams, and sorting errors that are often caused by side by side conveyed items.


ARB Singulator Features:

  • Eliminates labor costs associated with monitoring and correcting side-by-sides
  • Singulate product in a smaller footprint (typically 18 ft.–36 ft. / 5.5 m–11 m) than other singulation systems
  • Singulate a wide variety of package sizes (as small as 4 in. x 4 in. [100 mm x 100 mm] with no maximum) and types (corrugated, shrink-wrapped, litho-packs, flats, and more)
  • Reduces product damage—no guard rails or plows, and no product tumbling
  • Provides continuous singulation without frequent conveyor stops/starts



  • Singulating cases within a Pallet Layer Descrambler 
  • Unscrambling items after bulk receiving
  • Descrambling packaged food items after a spiral freezer discharge
  • Singulating cases prior to palletizing, merging, sorting, scanning, and labeling
  • Unscrambling side-by-side cartons from accumulation areas or uncontrolled merges
  • Separating items in manual postal or parcel applications